Pull the plug


(Uno) 1. Feeling oh-so-drained when the alarm clock rang at 5:30am…(and grinning at all the fun I had sleeping in this weekend). It was such a treat to sleep until the sun poked through the window.

(Due) 2. Breathing free and clear! While I love my cats and loved being home with Dave, it was a relief to breath non-cat-dander air all day today. My lungs are thanking me.

(Tre) 3. Carlos. An epic docudrama that tells the fictionalized story of ‘Carlos’ using historical journalism to portray the truth. The title character is Carlos, nee Ilich Ramírez Sánchez. He is a anti-capitalist, pro-Palestine revolutionary. Er, that is what he was. Then, after that fell through, he was an entrepreneurial criminal with capitalist desires. Now, he is an imprisoned convict (in France). Don’t worry, the story is still good even if you know these facts. It was a televised mini-series in France, but we watched it as a long dvd.

(Quattro) 4. Finally feeling like we know our neighborhood. There was a detour about 2 blocks from our driveway and without any panic, I immediately knew two alternate routes for getting home. Of course, they both took us through the same detour, but at least the other end wasn’t blocked by a bulldozer across the road.

(Cinque) 5. Reminiscing on this neat sculpture, honoring those who died at sea. We found it in Stazzo during our Christmas Eve stroll.
“In onore
Dei Caduti
Del Mare”


Nothing says “Welcome Back to Work!” like a mind-numbing online training. Today, I dove headfirst into one such required trainings on AntiTerrorism (Carlos-inspired choice). Y’know what I learned? When an “active shooter” arrives, crouch low to the ground. Do NOT lay on the ground. Why? Ricocheting bullets hover down there. Now don’t go thinking you can apply that rule willy-nilly. When grenades are flying, lay on the ground! Shrapnel flows upwards. Keep your feet near the attacker, to protect your head and all. Whoa, whoa, whoa! Don’t thank me now, wait ’til this wisdom saves your life; thank me then.


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