Melting hearts


(Uno) 1. Skyping with our families back in the states. Yay Skype! Skype provides a clear connection on the phone and the chance to see the adorableness of our nieces and nephew, along with siblings and Dave’s father, of course! We missed seeing Auntie Kathy – where were you?

(Due) 2. Packer victory! As I’ve mentioned, I am always loyal to the Packers, though I don’t follow the game-to-game action. This suits me well overseas, but I like to see a game now and then. I tried to stay up for the 2am start last night, but didn’t make it. Woke up to a win though – whoo hoo!

(Tre) 3. Cleaning house for Jimmy’s visit! Yay brother!

(Quattro) 4. Installing a Christmas gift from my Mom and Dad – thanks! Uhhhh…this thing has more instructions than our new bed frame. It has an alarm clock, a temperature alert, and it scans for alien activities. Well, I guess when electronics are so advanced it’s easier to fit so much into a small package.

(Cinque) 5. “Nothing’s going on here, and I love it.” It was a great relaxing weekend, capped off with some couch lounging, terrible movie watching (quote is from this movie, when Salma Hayek says it, it sounds better), and husband canoodling.


The Cinquecento Project got a face lift and more changes are in store. The project has focused on my positive life adjustments in Sicily. Daily posts provided an outlet for my musings and photo galleries, some days feature natural gems, others show rocks I have polished to be as pretty as possible. Saturday, I walked along the sea savoring the salty air, the crisp wind, the mountain at my back, and the sun shining down on me. Yet, no matter the physical settings of my life, the scenery can never compare with the sense of home that comes from within.



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2 responses to “Melting hearts

  1. jenny

    Beautiful pictures, it was great seeing you guys via skype on Christmas! Kathy was in a time out so she was not allowed to participate in the skype, sorry. Have a great visit with your brother, hopefully we will be able to visit someday also!

    • Thanks – we hope you can make it over here, too! We’ll look forward to seeing you this summer in the meantime. Wish we coulda been there for hugs and all the giggling; Skype is definitely the next best thing.

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