White Mt. Etna Christmas


Merry Christmas to all!

(Uno) 1. My christmas movies Home Alone, Love Actually, White Christmas, StepMom, Bridget Jones’ Diary, and The Sound of Music. I have watched half of them and will finish up the other half between this morning and tonight.

(Due) 2. Christmas cooking! Dave found a great recipe for eggplant macaroni and spent an afternoon making the sauce. Today he’ll finish the pasta and veggies and we’ll be ready to travel to our christmas dinner.

(Tre) 3. Driving down to the sea and going for a cozy walk in the Sicilian sunshine. The crisp and salty air was invigorating!

(Quattro) 4. Paging through The Twelve Days of Christmas in Wisconsin, and nodding along with the items included…until I give the book the side eye at “seven planes a-swooping” – but overall it is a great book and a lovely way to remember Wisconsin at christmastime.

(Cinque) 5. Creating new holiday traditions. Dave and I have a few traditions so far, but none for Christmas. This year, we took a goofy picture with the cats and walked down to the Christmas Eve bonfire at our neighborhood church. It felt like as good of a start as any.

White Christmas, White Christmas! This movie was a childhood favorite of mine, all songs that sing of a White Christmas made me a giddy little girl who couldn’t wait to bundle up and play in the snow, every year I would hope for a healthy snowfall on Christmas Eve, to set off the twinkling lights with delicate white flakes. This year, Mt. Etna provided a White Christmas with a spectacular snow covering in recent days, along with abundant sunshine to offer a million different gorgeous views. May you be enjoying your version of a White Christmas, wherever you are, Cheers!

The first morning shot from our living room terrace.

Then a peek-a-boo shot as we were driving to the sea.

Then, I hopped up on the fence for a barrier-free vista. A gentleman out for a fun also stopped and took a break at this spot. The view was breath-taking.

Finally, an example of the beautiful glimpses Mt. Etna offered all day long, peeking through the nooks and crannies of the landscape, popping up just when the sea had taken your eye’s attention.


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2 responses to “White Mt. Etna Christmas

  1. Sharon

    Shadows on the sidewalk, huge bonfire, angles of Mt Etna – great pictures.

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