Six Feet Under


Theme Day!

For those of you who know Six Feet Under, you may wish to skip this post, or follow along and reminisce about a great show.

(Uno) 1. The Fisher family owns a house/mortuary in Los Angeles. Who wants to watch a show about embalming, funerals, and family strife? Apparently, this woman!

(Due) 2. A whole lotta dsyfunction. Think it is just them? Ha ha ha. Try to watch the show and not identify with at least one character per episode.

(Tre) 3. Brilliant writing and acting. ‘Nuf said.

(Quattro) 4. Finding yourself in the middle of a gut-busting laugh that morphs into a heart-wrenching sob, all based on the same scene, sometimes even the same line.

(Cinque) 5. Enough drama to keep you coming back. While I admire the series for its insightful commentary on death and life, the writers are also responsible for keeping viewers coming back. Betrayal, passion, drugs, whatever it takes, Six Feet Under offers it up and sets the hook in deeper with every episode.


I haven’t told you much at all about Six Feet Under with this post and I certainly do not intend to tell you more here. The plain fact is that it is a show that underscores the meaninglessness of our lives by emphasizing the enduring burdens and pains that we exact upon those we love the most. With our unending insecurities fueling our desires, we most often fail to make healthy choices. Yet, the family endures. Those tender moments shared between loved ones are powerful enough to overcome the pain that haunts us in quiet times. Family, however it’s composed, endures.


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