My melancholy has a name.


(Uno) 1. Mixing up the holiday potluck with solstice cookies.

(Due) 2. Prepping our bedroom for delivery of our bedroom set! Whoo-hoo, I will have a dresser again after two months of piles in suitcases and bags. I like roughing it, but drawers will be a nice change.

(Tre) 3. The slow tempo and big smiles at work. We take a collective sigh and appreciate more moments at this time of year. While not all in our office celebrate the Christian holiday, we all celebrate the cultural Christmas spirit of the Western world.

(Quattro) 4. Still thinking about making choices that bring me deeper into the reality of my life. So much to think about!

(Cinque) 5. A gorgeous sunset on the longest night of the year. Dave and I had just started leaving work and off to the west the sun was fighting for its last glorious display. It had been playing games with rain clouds all day long, and let me tell you, rain clouds were predominant. At the final moment though, with thick gray clouds covering all of Mt. Etna and about 95% of the sky, the sun burst through the horizon and cast deep purples, brilliant pinks and oranges, and burned a fiery yellow as it promised its longevity and prominence over the rain clouds.


My melancholy has a first name, W.I.S.C.O.N.S.I.N. – white elephant game on Mom’s side, dinner politics on Dad’s side, feeling like the nooks and crannies of our personalities come together like a jigsaw puzzle when we snuggle in to open presents Christmas morning. My melancholy has a second name, M.A.D.I.S.O.N. Slushing through the snow for a beer at Blue Moon, running into friends, and toasting dreams. Walking home as snow falls from a midnight blue sky, my cheeks burning brightly against the cold. Knowing I safely completed another day as I lock the door behind me and snuggle into bed.


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6 responses to “My melancholy has a name.

  1. Aw! What a beautiful tribute to holidays spent at home. I’m at Mom’s right now and I miss the snow — it’s a freak winter up here in Erie, Pa and there’s no snow and it looks like there won’t be any by Christmas. But I’m here with family and that’s all that matters. Thanks for the perspective.

    Will you write more about quattro (I’m nosy!)?

  2. Karrie

    Hi Jill & Dave,
    I’m working on christmas eve waiting for one last customer to pick up and then I am out of here!!!
    We have friends over for dinner tonight and Christmas tomorrow. I can’t believe I am saying that!
    I hope you and Dave have a wonderful weekend. We miss you, Love, Karrie

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