Solstice Cookies

Cinquecento – Theme Post

Today has been B.u.s.y! Yay!

In lieu of a wordy recap, let’s visit my day through commentary with the pictures of my second new Christmastime tradition…Solstice Cookies!

I love celebrating the change of seasons, which means marking the winter and summer solstices and the autumnal and vernal equinoctes (plural equinoxes or equinoctes). I also love learning new words, such as “equinoctes” (!!!).

The lump of delicious dough made with our Santa-inspired Kitchen Aid Mixer (just like my iPhone love, I am NOT being reimbursed for my plug to Kitchen Aid). Don’t get your juices flowing on the mixer, there is a side shot coming up, but not much more. Working with it is so much more satisfying than looking at it. Believe me! I’ve been looking at it for nearly a decade.

Our fancy-dancy rolling pin. I had to keep flouring up all the saran wrap around this wine bottle. Dave asked for a French style rolling-pin for Christmas – PLUS – we already HAVE a rolling pin, somewhere (from my Aunt Linda!).

These star shapes provided the foundation for my sunshine Solstice Cookies. Of course, the winter solstice (tomorrow night) marks the longest night of the year. It is so much fun to mark this day, as it indicates that every day has a few minutes more sunshine to it. How can you see the glass as anything but half full on such a day!

Then, I transformed each simple star into a unique sunshine shape. It was a labor of love. Speaking of labors of love, I think I am both missing out on family time and gearing up for a weekend of togetherness with Dave. Er…what I am trying to say is that I am a bit cranky toward Dave. He listened to me moan my way through making these cookies. It wasn’t until I got into making each sun that my mood relaxed. Thanks, babe, for sticking with me.

Dave also helped out by assisting me with the frosting. I searched “icing” recipes online and got runny, drippy recipes. I wanted something a little creamier. So, while I was rolling, cutting and arranging sunbursts, Dave doctored my icing attempts and got me situated to paint beautiful sunshine Solstice Cookies.

The consistency was good, and the results are okay, if a bit sloppy. I like the colors, and I think a more precise tool would have helped me create a more polished look.

Here are the rest of the designs. I was Skyping with my friend Dan (no, Skype doesn’t reimburse me either), while I frosted the cookies and I just focused on the conversation and let my hands do the painting. I did manage to taste-test and the flavor is solid.

My favorite cookie is the orange sunburst with the delicate swirl of yellow sunshine flowing across the cookie. I hope you enjoyed these visions of Winter Solstice 2011 – and I hope my co-workers enjoy munching on them at tomorrow’s potluck lunch.

Ciao ciao, bellisimi amici!



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2 responses to “Solstice Cookies

  1. Zina

    The cookies look awesome – I love how you transformed stars into suns. In Persian culture, we celebrate the Winter Solstice by being together with family, and eating nuts and fruits. Usually there is some poetry reading, but we focus on the eating!

  2. Sharon

    I like your stars, the colors and designs on them. I never thought of having cookies to celebrate the Winter Solstice. Good idea that I might copy tonight.

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