La Cena

Cinquecento – La Cena = Dinner


Yesterday we dined with our genial landlord (“padrone di casa”) Filippo and his family:
Pina (Josephina) – Filippo’s wife (“moglie” ~ “MO-lee-ay”)
Sebastiano – son (“figlio” ~ “FEE-lee-oh”),
Ester – daughter (“figlia” ~ “FEE-lee-ah”), and
Carmelo, (Ester’s boyfriend (“fidanzato” ~ “Feeda-nh-za-toe”)).

Pina cooked; Seby and Ester (~ “Ay-stair”) helped serve the meal:
Primi – tagliatelle con vongole (fresh ribbon pasta with clams)
Seconodi – baked shrimp, fish, veggies on skewers; filet of breaded vitello (beef, maybe veal, but not definitely)
Contorni (side dishes) – insalate di polpo (octopus), homegrown/cured olives
Dolci (dessert/sweets) – dried figs with almonds & pistacchio, pistacchio cake, apple cake, and mocha balls.


(Uno) 1. We played cards (giocare carte) with Filippo and his family.

(Due) 2. Time flying by as we flipped between Italian and English. Thank goodness for Google Translate and Seby & Ester’s English language skills.

(Tre) 3. Driving update: I turned left today in a group of four cars. We were all turning from the same single turn lane, but per Italian/Sicilian driving, we had all bunched up in a ball at the intersection, just waiting for the perfect break in traffic, at which point we all hurried into the roadway. All four of us made it with little room to spare. Yeaaaah!

(Quattro) 4. Sending out the love to my great friend Dan. Some of you may know him as Dan the baker, or Dan the chef, or Jill’s friend Dan, or you may not know him at all, but if you believe in energy or prayer, send out some love for him today.

(Cinque) 5. Live, Live, Live! (a la Auntie Mame) Fly your freak flag!


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