Book Reviews a’coming!


(Uno) 1. Reviewing books! It is nowhere near as much fun as reading the books, yet, the discussion is many times more fulfilling. Keep your eye out for these forthcoming reviews:

(Due) 2. Christmastime’s a’coming! Well, the season is definitely here, but I just love that song from the Barbara Mandrell Christmas special in the 80s that my sister Jenni and I watched over and over again until Dad taped over it with a Packer game, probably.
Thank you YouTube!!!

(Tre) 3. Playing with our new toy – a Kitchen Aid standing mixer!!! Santa came early, thanks to the scratch-offs at the NEX.

(Quattro) 4. Six Feet Under! Such a brilliant show. Here is an example, the scene is one where David is considering his relationship with Keith. He is discussing his doubts with his former priest, Father Jack.

FJ: “Truth in relationships doesn’t make life better, David. It makes life possible.”
David: “So, do you think I should stay with Keith?”
FJ: “I think you should do whatever brings you deeper into the reality of your life.”
David: (quietly) “The reality of my life?”
FJ: “Yes. But, not the life you think you can have; the life you’ve got.”

(Cinque) 5. Getting ready for my brother’s arrival to Sicily! It is still eleven days away, and I am excited already!


In a culture enamored with image, how often are we urged to step deeper into our reality, rather than mask our reality? Some scoff at this so-called navel-gazing; to me, it’s fascinating to observe how I deny my reality – by minimizing my strong opinions (food ethics, politics, environmental practices), by choosing to escape in a glass of wine occasionally (instead of choosing a form of self-expression), by pretending my ‘career’ is still ahead of me (instead of occurring with me and to me right now). Instead, I want to do whatever brings me deeper into the reality of my life.


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