We never did go to that furniture store that we have a map to…


Theme day: To all the things you want to do with your day.


Today, I opted to forgo (see how close that word is to “forgot”?) a colleague’s holiday party in her home. She was destined to have high volume attendance levels and while the weather was sunny, it was windy. Of course, that doesn’t explain anything to you, but it created space for me to stretch out today. I also have been paying attention to my cosmic expenditures of energy, and knowing that I have an Italian-language luncheon coming up tomorrow, I wanted to be rested for that. Unfair? Maybe. Yet, here I am. Preparing solstice cookies, having a quiet night at home with Dave.


What I did instead…

(Uno) 1. Finally checked out the private blog for Dave’s law school’s buddy, who invited us to a commitment ceremony with his partner. It is the anchor for our summer trip back to the states. They have the most clever save-the-date card, a postcard with a stamp on the back that imitates the postal stamp, but contains pertinent ceremony information.

(Due) 2. Slept in until the sunlight coming through the slats woke me up. Dave had already risen, and I stretched luxuriously in bed. I slipped back into my dream of navigating a ship around a rugged coastline in calm waters. This was before I knew I would ditch the party.

(Tre) 3. Got up, dug into my chores that I had assigned myself – preparing the cookie dough, washing the sheets, a thorough garbage run (we take our garbage to the neighborhood dumpsters), other household cleaning. I started these tasks with the intention of feeling ready to relax by the time of the party. Instead, I preferred to stay home and relax.

(Quattro) 4. Weighing the pros and cons of embracing my introvert. Have you faced this same struggle? Some days I don’t even blink before going to a social event and other days it feels like undesirable homework. This is part of myself that I still don’t understand, after decades of social events!

(Cinque) 5. Playing Christmas tunes on the piano for an hour. This was the highlight of my seesawing. It was great!

How do you balance all the activities you want to do?



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2 responses to “We never did go to that furniture store that we have a map to…

  1. O.M.G. yes to quattro. I am an introvert but I’m also shy. They aren’t the same thing–the introversion is about where I get my energy (from being alone)–so the banking energy for your Italian language event totally made sense to me–the shyness means I engage in approach/avoidance behavior about people and social events. So I often struggle about whether I have a good (healthy) reason for not wanting to attend something…do I just need to give myself a break, or am I avoiding something just because I’m anxious?

    Sounds like you just needed a break. When that’s clear I try not to beat myself up about declining an invite. I’m reading a book about introversion that says 75% of people are extroverted. We are totally outnumbered!

    • Yes, I am an extro/intro mix, about 25/75. It is rare for me to recharge from spending time with people, but every once in a while it does happen. I have one very close friend who is 100% extrovert and we almost never see eye to eye on choices regarding social events, ha ha. I didn’t know we were so outnumbered – no wonder people don’t understand when I choose to decline an invite.

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