Not a Socialist, and Mocha Ball Update


(Uno) 1. Skyping with military spouses I met in the Pacific Northwest! We were discussing that book I already dissed about being a military wife. It was great to catch up and to see the 14-month daughter who I last saw at 4-5 months!

(Due) 2. Lingering on Skype for a moment because my sister-in-law MB came online. I got to see her and my niece who was home sick. Sweet moments!

(Tre) 3. Thinking up new ideas for a white elephant gifts – my latest: Booty Pop!

As much as I hate to financially support this product, the payoff should be worth it. I am reasonably sure nobody at the upcoming exchange reads this blog…

(Quattro) 4. Mmmmm…melanzane chitarra! (Say it “key-tar-rah” – like guitarra, or guitar). At our office potluck yesterday, I had a delicious eggplant burrito. It is called melanzane chitarra (er…at least that’s what I heard). Thin slices of eggplant grilled, and then wrapped around spaghetti with red sauce (it looks like an eggplant burrito), and then baked with red sauce on top. (See if you can spot it on the table in the pictures below.)

(Cinque) 5. Working hard to have my chores done in time to relax with a glass of wine and Love Actually. The holiday season demands I watch it now!


Part of the impetus for creating this blog was to create an online resource for military spouses relocating to Sigonella. There are some things I would have liked to know before coming overseas to live for three years. Everyone arriving at Sigonella has vastly varied experiences, making it difficult to compose a comprehensive list of helpful hints. Perhaps a seasoned (10+ year) spouse has a network here already, has lived on another overseas base or knows someone who has lived in Sig recently. For newcomers, some have traveled abroad, others not, etc. What would you want to know before moving overseas?

Code 400 (that’s my office) Holiday Potluck 2011

A locally grown and processed pork sausage. Sausage tree, delicious! This was a fresh sausage, meaning it was cured since mid-October and while it was definitely solid, it was much more chewy than many of the salamis available in the grocery stores.

Here is the full spread, all the main events on one table, the breads, oranges and Coca-Cola on another, and the desserts on the final table.

The orange supplies are depleted. Tomorrow I will bring home what remains and make fresh orange juice for Saturday’s breakfast.

Close-up of the mocha balls. Here is the finished product. I forgot to mention how the powdered sugar adds a texture by giving another layer of sugar to melt in your mouth as you eat these delightful cookies.

Let the feasting begin! (Mind your hands as the forks fly!)


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2 responses to “Not a Socialist, and Mocha Ball Update

  1. A) Is the ‘Booty Pop’ your $5 gift for the Becker exchange?
    B) I also watched ‘Love Actually’, last week. I will forever be a sucker for sentimental, romantic-comedies
    C) Mad props to the person who brought the locally grown and processed sausage. Would you and Dave ever be down to co-own pigs, raise them, slaughter them, then enjoy them? And, do it all over again the following year?
    D) Can we make Mocha balls when I swing through?

    • Booty Pop would be my gift – can you help me represent? 😉 Love Actually rocks. Locally grown is the rule for many people here – er…except for the mega-groceries that popped up in the last six years, seriously, it is that recent here. Yes, I would like to slaughter my own pigs. Specifically pigs, too. Consult with the Dave about the mocha balls.

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