Mocha balls

Cinquecento Theme day!

Mocha Balls

Early in our courtship Dave made these cookies to woo me. Well, it worked well as part of the overall package goes. I can’t say for sure that the cookies alone would have convinced me, because I was already falling in love with the rest of him. The recipe is a family secret. Although I am not sharing the recipe, you get a few glimpses of the process of making mocha balls, at least the way it went at our house this year.

First, we pulled the recipe up on the computer.


See, here I am helping.


Next, arranging the ingredients and starting to mix them together. Dave says this would be easier with a standing mixer. Santa might be listening.



Panther helped out with this phase. Actually, he is saying “where’s my dinner, bitches?”


Now putting the balls on the tray.




Oh yea, did you spot those twinkle lights out of the corner of a previous picture? Here is another view.


Meanwhile, the cookies are cooking…er, baking.


The Christmas music kept playing, and Panther moved to a more comfortable waiting spot.




The first batch is out, second batch is in and that bowl full of another half batch is about to be loaded onto the baking sheet. We let these cool for a few hours and then dust lightly with powdered sugar. Just enough to enhance the mocha ball beauty and to keep them from sticking tougher during storage. Boy, I’m beat! That was a lot of hard work. Time to feed the kitties… Buona notte!



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  1. Monica

    You said balls.

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