“Nice and easy, Oh my squeezy”


(Uno) 1. The phenomenon of the citrus odor penetrating my dermis despite washing my hands. I am so glad to be able to rid my hands of the sticky citrus juice and maintain the dynamic smell of freshly picked oranges.

(Due) 2. Remember the truck I told you about full of crates of oranges? Well, we say a man selling arance on the side of the road today and I couldn’t help myself. We bought a whole crate! Then, the man threw in a dozen or so tangerines, too. All for 7 Euro (see below).

(Tre) 3. Jingle Bell Run! The “Shamrock Base to Base Series” is hitting its stride. We got our Shamrock shaped tokens commemorating each race we did so far: Rememberance Day Run, Turkey Trot and Jingle Bell Run. Pictures later this week.

(Quattro) 4. Sicilian sunshine – I’m blogging on the roof terrace today, wearing: socks and flip flops (it IS comfy), jeans, a tank top, lightweight hoodie and a lightweight stocking cap. I had my scarf on earlier, but got too warm. What a lovely December day.

(Cinque) 5. Finding a living room rug at the NEX depot! We had our eye on a similar rug at Leroy Merlin, but it was 300 EURO there – ack. We got it for $220 USD. Yippee.

Cento (er…due cento today).

The Jingle Bell Run almost didn’t happen. Uncharacteristically, I voiced my preference to stay in bed and skip the race this morning. Luckily, Dave bounded out of bed and voiced the reality: this race was happening! “We can nap later” were some of his exact words. Thank goodness his energy was enough to get us both on course. The sun warmed us as we waited the start signal, it lasted well into the second mile and just as I was considering shedding a layer, it ducked behind clouds for the rest of the race. I had my best five-mile time ever mid-week last week, so I knew I probably wasn’t going to be able to repeat it today. My mantra was “Nice and easy, Oh my squeezy” (in rhythm to my steps) and I finished in 46:25 – pretty good for me. I set my eyes on a target runner within the last 3/4 mile and though it took sprinting to get it done, I finished just ahead of him. To his credit, he had no idea we were racing. He was picking up his pace at the end, so he was probably racing himself. He wore headphones and could not hear my approach. When I passed him with about a tenth of a mile to go, he kicked things up another notch and I had to dig even deeper to stay ahead for the final few steps. Great finish!

Arance (Oranges)
Say it: “A-rawn-chay”

This is what those cute crates look like once you put them into a bag. That is a LOT of arance.

What was I thinking?

I love oranges when they are so juicy and nearly tart, like these are. But, I am thinking we might be drinking some orange juice…

Good thing we have a juicer. I bought it ages ago to have fresh squeezed lime juice with my margaritas (college priorities, people!). Now, it will come in handy for a healthier purpose.

The smaller one in front here is the tangerine. Many times, if you buy a certain quantity from the fruit and veggie vendors, they will “throw in” a few extras. It is a nice touch. I always wonder if they think I was a sucker for agreeing to the price, and they are easing their Catholic guilty conscience by doing this (with 98% Catholic faith, this is not too much to imagine). Whatever the reason, I like the practice.

Ciao tutti! Buon fine settimana!


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