Mind Mush


(Uno) 1. Produce trucks! We saw a truck hauling a hundred crates of freshly picked oranges exit the orange farm and get on the highway. Later, we came up behind a truck hauling crates of freshly picked fennel away. Love the late harvest season here in Sicily!

(Due) 2. Seeing a light at the end of the tunnel! The tunnel is the publicity work I took on with the spouses club here. I really enjoy my role and the group (Book Club!) – and we are gearing up with two big events on Saturday and a wonderful holiday party next week – and then I get a breather until January.

(Tre) 3. I successfully navigated around a roadblock at work today and it felt great! I have had a really busy week with a lot of unpleasant tasks (ones that I had a hard time turning into anything positive) – so this was a shiny bright light at the end of the week.

(Quattro) 4. Taking a bath. This is a “highlight” because in the past, I have disliked baths. Too much hot water overwhelms me and I feel claustrophobic. This might be a byproduct of growing up swimming in spring-fed Shell Lake which rarely got warm until the end of August. I have just reached the point where I enjoy a bath – wow.

(Cinque) 5. Giggling at punny snowmen. (A couple photos NSFW, just scroll past them quickly).

Here is one of my favorites: “2) I Snow What You Did Last Winter”


Growing up, I noticed that without taking care, work will suck away one’s will to enjoy a home life: i.e., sinking into a self-made cave of isolation at home. Along with “saving the world,” my young self decided I would not succumb to such a fate. Since starting this job, I have had some nights where I come home with mind mush and seek a cave of isolation. Instead, I want to re-frame my attitude, re-allocate my energy distribution, and relish the time at home when I can read, chat with Dave, practice Italian and piano, catplay,* and enjoy life.

*Yes, I just made up a word: catplay. Don’t even try to tell me you don’t understand what that means.


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