Much work a tired Jilly make



Photorama! In lieu of cinque highlights today, I am going to upload five photos from the archives and share my life through images. It is difficult to work myself into the holiday spirit being so far away from snow and family, but I am doing my best. I put up twinkle lights in the house this weekend and attended “North Pole Musical” at the school on base. About a hundred kids dressed as reindeer, snowmen, elves, ballerinas (think Nutcracker) and Russians (???) came together with Santa and Mrs. Claus to put on a delightful musical. Next up, shopping for stocking stuffers!

(Uno) 1. This handicapped parking spot was adjacent to a church buried in the old town of Pitigliano. It was remarkable mostly because it was in a place where I would have been surprised to see any car because the roads were so narrow.

(Due) 2. Tuscan flora and fauna displayed on a switchback pull-out near Pitigliano.

(Tre) 3. Bellini statue in downtown Catania.

(Quattro) 4. Ah, sweet summertime! I took this shot from a hilltop in Cefalu, after the gelato festival. The day was hot and the water was dancing on the wavetops.

(Cinque) 5. Ah, another step in the holiday direction, along with Frankenstein and Batman. Christmastime is Here!


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  1. dw

    don’t forget that the “north pole musical” also included a pair of flamenco dancers. he won the best hat competition in my head.

    also, that handicapped parking spot seemed only large enough to actually park a wheelchair and not much else.

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