Arance Siciliane!


(Uno) 1. Seeing my niece clap on a video posted on Facebook. Thanks for posting Jen! I love technology!

(Due) 2. The cutest cats in the world. Just think about it for a second and you’ll understand.

(Tre) 3. Enjoying getting to know our neighbor (military service member) who has a wise old soul mixed with his grand sense of adventure and doggedly open heart. What a great combination – we’re so lucky to live next door to him.

(Quattro) 4. Arance Siciliane! (Sicilian Oranges) – they are coming into season now and a colleague brought a basketful into work. These are juicy and perfectly tangy-sweet, easy-to-peel and they leave behind the freshest scent.

(Cinque) 5. Cleaning out my purse and finding happy memories! The first of which is a parking coupon. Some parts of Catania use the parking machines where you pay and the machine prints out a ticket that you place on your window. In other places, you need to buy this ticket from a Tabacchi shop (“Tabacchi” = “ta-baa-key”) (sort of like a mini-mart). You scratch the year, month, day, time and if it is posted, yay = no ticket!


Making it home alive! Normally, the commute from work to home is like any other commute: moments of stop and go traffic mixed with nicely-flowing-though-slower-than-usual traffic. This night’s return was filled with surges and dead stops; then seven lanes of traffic from the toll booth spilling into what turned into a one-lane funnel. Amazingly, it only added five minutes to the commute. This is part of my theory that Italian traffic is better because at least you are always moving. More observations and experiments will be undertaken and recorded in pursuance of proving this theory. Finger-shaking sightings are the next topic.


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4 responses to “Arance Siciliane!

  1. jenny

    So proud of my girl for making #1! Glad you enjoyed, we miss you guys!

  2. RE: due…your cats are super cute, but have you seen Maru on YouTube? I would steal that cat if I had the chance. I love everything about him. He is ridiculous. I am behind the times (he has his own book now!) but I recently discovered him and have spent a shocking amount of time on YouTube watching his antics.

    • I have seen Maru, but I haven’t followed him. I am hoping that one day when I have time to take three hours and get a good fill of Maru, I will also remember that I can do that. I didn’t know he had his own book – DAMN – my mom already sent me my christmas present.

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