Candy Canes!


(Uno) 1. Reading about reading every day. You may have heard of Nina Sankovitch and her blog about reading a book a day for a year. Well, she wrote a memoir about it, “Tolstoy and the Purple Chair,” and you better not get it for me for Christmas because I just ordered it!

(Due) 2. Reading Italia Winter Holiday schedule from Dianne Hales’ blog.
Here are some highlights, visit the link for the full list:
*December 6, La festa di San Nicola, patron saint of shepherds and of Bari–and the inspiration for the American “Santa Claus.”

*December 13: La festa di Santa Lucia, the festival of lights.

*January 1: Il Capodanno, literally the top of the year.

(Tre) 3. Reading about Running. Reinforcing the choice to prioritize regular running (or at least raising the heart rate for 20-30 minutes every day). This article reminds me to keep active during the holiday season, when life can get so crazy busy!

(Quattro) 4. Reading about a Marine enduring DADT and its repeal and his same-sex date to the Marine Corps Ball!

(Cinque) 5. Reading about not living a cookie cutter life, and a lovely poem and photo shoot.


Candy Canes!!!

Long, slender, sweet and minty fresh, candy canes are one of the best parts of this seasonal rotation. I prefer the cane style pictured above. I like to work the cane to a sharp point that hurts the inside of my mouth if I’m not careful. Then, as the point becomes too delicate to sustain the pressure, I crush the stem and put the hook in my mouth, resulting in much awkward slobbering. Yea, it is best that I consume candy canes at home where only my family is forced to ignore my oddball ways with candy canes.


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6 responses to “Candy Canes!

  1. Monica

    OMG that is EXACTLY how I eat a candy cane! It’s the only way to go!

    • yes!

      also, I have been thinking about Urban Cowboy. I can see many awesome-in-the-moment things about it, but when he hit her, I lost all interest in the movie as a movie. At that moment, it turned to a period piece for me to ridicule. For instance, the scene where John T asks Debra W “what was you gonna make me for dinner?” and then talks about how they don’t even have cornbread mix in the cupboard – I burst out laughing during that scene.

      it makes me wonder how I would feel about other movies i’ve loved over the years if I watched with a new eye.

      still love Debra Winger and sort of loathe John T. there, i’ve said it!

      • Monica

        Loathing John Travolta makes you a SINNER! And yes, it is totally a period piece to ridicule, though in the most fun-loving way! (I NEED ‘Bud’ and “Sissy” placards on my truck!) DW is one of my favorite actresses fo sho. And don’t forget: ‘All cowboys ain’t dumb. Some of ’em got smarts real good, like me.’

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