Sun Salutation


A quiet Saturday morning moment…

Uno. Walking into the living room to fetch my book and looking up to see the rising sun kissing Mt. Etna.


Due. Stepping outside to take in the view and looking down at the first frost I have seen this year.



Tre. Wandering to the other side of the house to see the shining ball of orangey-red light burning on the horizon.


Quattro. Savoring a quiet moment of watching Panther make his bed as he faced the sun.


Cinque. Hearing Maki’s plaintive mews break the silence as he requested playtime outside.



The morning light called me out of bed. I rose up before the sun. I stretched my arms above my head and drew air deep into my lungs, creating space before I bent forward, reached to hug the sun, and ended with my palms next to my feet. My chest pulled away from my knees and then I kicked my feet back as I breathed. Measured pushes down, up, down, and up, and I was a vee. I felt more alive than alive can describe. I breathed out as my feet jumped back to my hands and I arose once again.


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5 responses to “Sun Salutation

  1. Wow, I’m jealous. I never wake up without an alarm. I wish I were a morning person. How early do you usually wake up on weekends?

    • It varies. All sorts of factors, whether I’ve had a drink or two the night before, what I’m looking forward to that day, the moon & the barometric pressure (seriously), etc, etc. Even when I have worked nights in the past (3/4pm-10p/12a) I would still wake up by 7-8am regularly, so now that I get to wind down and go to bed by 10:30, waking up at 5:30 isn’t so tough, and on the weekends, 7-8a is typical.

      • I desperately need to train myself to go to bed earlier. Maybe tomorrow, since it’s 1:46am and I’m still wrapping up some things for the day. Getting up tomorrow will be fun.

        • I used to stay up late and I felt like I got more done – I’ve valued 7 hours of sleep for the past few years and I feel like I can focus more during the day, but I also feel like I miss out on some of my personal projects. I am currently considering cutting back to 6 hours a night during the week and seeing how I do.

  2. James Walter

    My mind grapes have read, and my mind grapes have liked. Nice post, through and through. Can’t wait to be there, and to be with you. Much love, sista.

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