Que cose fai questo fine settimana?


(Uno) 1. Book club! Yay!

(Due) 2. Being wrapped up in my work so much that 9.5 hours flew by!

(Tre) 3. Squeezing in a 5k in between work and book club. It has been a while since I have had to work so hard to fit a workout into my day. It felt great.

(Quattro) 4. Drizzling extra virgin olive oil onto my pasta and knowing it was grown by my colleague Armando, harvested and pressed by him! He brought a bottle into the office and we can use it to season our lunches. So delicious!

(Cinque) 5. Vivid dreams! I had this amazing dream that I was preparing to evacuate for a hurricane while simultaneously studying for the bar exam. My good friend Z was there studying with me and we took time out from packing our bags and boarding up windows to go over our review materials. Hilarious!


Today I learned how to ask “What are you doing this weekend?” The Italians ask “Que cose fai questo fine settimana?” “Fine” = “end” and “settimana” = “week.” Sicilians also say “weekend” which just goes to show how small the world is. Or rather, how small it seems. This weekend, we are focusing on more stuff around the house. We need lamps, rugs, a kitchen table and chairs, and hardware for wall hangings. Those are just the items on the high priority list! I am also going to run into Acireale tomorrow morning for a cornetto and a caffè. Buon fine settimana!



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2 responses to “Que cose fai questo fine settimana?

  1. Apologies for the gratuitous exclamation points. I am feeling tired and I was abusing their energizing properties to supplement my dwindling energy.

  2. Zina

    Funny dream! Shows your diligence :). I’m afraid I might start having dreams about bar studying soon.

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