Book Club


1. Running into the sunset. I saw tens of goats and kids, ones of steer, and one fox! The fox was a real treat, so beautiful.

2. Running in shorts! Long-sleeved shirt and tall socks, toasty warm.

3. Learning Italian in real time. Signor Messina stopped by again and we had more parlando fun (parlare is to talk).

4. Dinner with friends. We ventured to Aci Trezza for seafood with our neighbor and his friend. I tried the fresh anchovies. They were oily with a mild flavor, I would have liked to eat them with something.

5. Feeling comfortable enough in my routine to have a night out on the town. It feels great, friends, it really does. I am relishing arriving at this point of acclimation.


For the first time in my life I joined a book club! It is a subset of the spouses club. I love to read and to talk about books, and yet have never managed to get into a book club. We read Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese, review forthcoming. The community and food were a perfect complement to the book discussion. The restaurant, La Masseri di Cavaliere, where we met was quite charming. I had a yummy lentil soup, topped liberally with fresh olive oil and a flatbread simply topped with onions, olives, salt and oregano – it was delightfully delicious.

The bar inside the restaurant. There is also a cozy courtyard I look forward to checking out.



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3 responses to “Book Club

  1. Be sure to update how your book club goes! I’ve always wanted to join one but for some reason never have.

    It’s always really nice when a place really starts to feel like home. It took me more than a year to feel like London was a place I could think of as home, and about two years before I realized it’d be extremely hard to leave everyone I’ve come to know and all the places I love.

    • I will keep the updates coming. We have seven weeks until our next meeting, when the book to discuss is Jonathan Franzen’s “Freedom: A Novel.” I read it last year and really liked it. I am looking forward to the re-read.

  2. I have been in a couple of book clubs, but not in years. Neither of them were particularly satisfying. I think I wrote about at least one of them before. No one ever wanted to read any of my suggestions. And everyone read a lot more than me…so much so that they barely remembered the book by our meeting, while I struggled to finish in time for the meeting, so the book was fresh in my mind. I would like to read more, but I’m not sure book clubs are for me.

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