Ah, Genève


Theme Day! Genève, Suisse is the topic. Known to this English-speaker as Geneva, Switzerland. Today’s post lists five observations that stood out to me while I was in Genève, and a mini-description of our trip.

(Uno) 1. Scooters.

No, not this kind.


THIS kind.


Upon disembarking from the train that was FREE from the airport to downtown, I saw a person coming toward me on a scooter. As we neared each other I was first surprised to notice it was an adult on the scooter, then I was shocked to see in was a fit woman in her mid-fifties (or older) scooting along. Following my first encounter, I saw men, women, and children of all ages on scooters throughout the city.


(Due) 2. Reflective vests. Reflective jackets. I saw a whole lotta people wearing a whole lotta reflective stuff. More than usual. Of course, city safety officials had entire reflective outfits, but everyday outerwear was often reflective, too.

(Tre) 3. Related to the reflective wear, but definitely in a different category are the shiny puffy jackets. You remember the puffy jacket craze, right?
Well, apparently, this trend is back in Genève, but with the typical modification that “recreates” the look into something modern. These puffy jackets are SHINY – and everyone was wearing them, young, old, classy, not-so-classy (I didn’t see anyone in Genève who qualified as trashy). Maybe the Genevese children convinced their parents a shiny puffy jacket is just as safe as a reflective vest?



(Quattro) 4. Boots, tights, short skirts. EVERYWHERE! I have to admit, I want to duplicate the look. I have been searching for a pair of boots for a while, and I want to wear them with tights this winter. The weather here in Sicilia is perfect, in Genève I thought the amount of skin to cool temperatures was a little high.

Here are some examples of looks that I saw:



(Cinque) 5. My favorite – runners! Genève is a running city if there ever was one. You could probably make a half-marathon out of skipping about from park to park Rive Gauche (left bank of the river), over the bridge and doing the same thing on the other side of the city. The Rhône River empties into Lake Geneva in between the two sides of the city. On Saturday we saw several pairs of mothers and daughters running, or so we assumed. Unfortunately, I had left my running shoes behind, I won’t make that mistake again!


Our trip to Genève was inspired by my friend Margs, who is working at the United Nations (UN). We arrived with jackets, scarves, hats and gloves. Of that list, I have only used scarves in Sicilia. Genève temperatures were between four and six degrees Celcius; much cooler than the average of fifteen to nineteen degrees Celcius in Sicilia. The colder air was refreshing and my Wisconsin blood stirred at the mere possibility of snow. We didn’t get THAT lucky, but we did get to walk and take public transit everywhere we went, plenty of outdoor time. Ah, Genève, merci beaucoup!


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5 responses to “Ah, Genève

  1. Melanie

    I am so jealous!! Love you, Margs, and ah Geneve!

  2. Zina

    My mom would totally love and appreciate the reflective clothing!

  3. Glad you enjoyed your trip to Geneva. Did you see any massive bars of Toblerone?

    I have such a strong desire to wear boots, but I’ve all but given up. My calves are too big for boots. Woe is me.

    • No massive bars of Toblerone – and in fact, we never even stopped into a chocolatier! I know, I know, what kind of tourists are we? Well, we ate crepes and raclette (pictures coming soon) – and we felt touristy enough.

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