Tuscany Rebooted.

Theme Day: Five Tuscan Photos with more than cento words.

I haven’t shared many of my Tuscan adventures with you yet, AND I am post-Thanksgiving gluttony relaxing, so I’m going to focus on photos for this post. Enjoy five of my favorites from our October sojourn in Tuscany.

Uno: I found this on the side of a church in the depths of Pitigliano’s old quarter.

Due: These two doors are about 5-feet tall, and stand a good six inches up off the stone roadway (single lane spacing, though no signs indicated “senso unico” (one way)). With doorways like these, the sense of history was omnipresent in Pitigliano.

Tre: Tre plant sconces all in a row. Touches like these were common in the narrow alleyways of Pitigliano.

Quattro: This wild boar was oh-so-real, and oh-so-stinky. I was checking him out while Hal ordered us some salami…it was good, and it felt one giant leap closer to the meat-making process, neat. (That sign says No Touching!)

Cinque: In Pitigliano, we finish with a short series of a narrow alleyway through the stone to the sunshine. The beautiful contrast of light against shadow was breathtaking.

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend – hope to see you in Italy next year!


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8 responses to “Tuscany Rebooted.

  1. That’s a stuffed wild boar, right? It’s so weird having it there on the counter!
    But that alleyway with the descending steps is gorgeous. 🙂

  2. Love the alley shots! So beautiful.

  3. jenny

    Beautiful pictures Jill!!
    We hope you and Dave had a wonderful Thanksgiving in Italy, missed you!

  4. Sharon

    Those alley ways are beautiful. Clean enough to belong inside a home. The sunshine and shadows are a nicely captured in your photos.

    Even though the boar is stinky, it would be fun to see the size and characteristics of a real boar.

    piu presto

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