Carabinieri (Updated!)


(Uno) 1. Sunny Sicilian November afternoons. Although I don’t have a window anywhere near my desk, the outside door is about 50 feet away and I take many an opportunity to stand up, stretch my legs and mosey on outdoors to enjoy several minutes of sunshine. Aaaaaaaah.

(Due) 2. Mmmmmm…work pot luck. Lumpia, spicy cheese dip, raspberry vinaigrette salad with feta…oh my! Plus, the Italian contributions: eggplant parmigiana (with hard-boiled egg and mortadella), and tiramisu this week. Like a room temp macchiato exploded in my mouth!

(Tre) 3. My work load is picking up. This is *mostly* fun, and my current projects are definitely interesting. I actually really love the postal system and hope it can survive the economic hurdles it is facing, so I sincerely enjoy any aspect of my job that involves postal. One new project does so, yippee!

(Quattro) 4. Running! It has been a little while since I gave you a good dose of the “natural high” I get from running. And, it will be a little while longer. Currently, I am grateful to be healthy enough to run and to feel the positive health effects (bye-bye cat allergies!).

(Cinque) 5. Adding organic Sicilian lemon juice to EVERYTHING. I’ll share a photo soon, but I just have to share this awesome addition to my life. No additives, just pure lemon juice. I put a few tablespoons in my morning green tea, we make lemon fizzy water (instead of soda), and I try it in numerous other ways.


Carabinieri. (Try saying that one time. No, don’t try saying it fast). They set up on the roadside and “give the lollipop” – by waving down random cars with that lollipop each one stores in his boot. [Note: Yes, that is the “adult” dance club, “LoveStory” parking lot we are in. This is on the road that runs in between bases – luckily it was a weekend morning and not a weekend evening.] These gentlemen were very polite, they even joked around with us by the end of the visit! A quick check against their records (???) and away we went!

(Updated! One astute reader pointed out that in my eagerness to write about the Carabinieri, I failed to notice that it was the Polizia who actually gave us the lollipop. I will bring you Carabinieri coverage ASAP. As an aside, there are roughly nine police forces in Italy.)



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4 responses to “Carabinieri (Updated!)

  1. Sharon

    Explain cento a little more, not sure what is happening.

  2. You love the postal system, here in Italy? Maybe things run better in Sicily but here in Sardinia it’s a nightmare. Have you read my post How The Italian Postal System Blows My Mind?

  3. Jill W

    Jennifer – I am amazed by all postal systems. My card gets from here to there as if by miracle! However, I should have been more clear…my job is a contractor and as such I am exposed to the military postal system, which works in tandem with the US Postal System.

  4. Mom, the police were doing random car stops. I took a photo while they checked Dave’s credentials.

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