Dry – witty? Dry – not sweet? Or Dry – pissed off?


(Uno) 1. Cats! Yep, I love them. And, they are funny to see in unexpected places. Check out The Kitten Covers, a great website my friend Maya recommended and have a good chuckle.

(Due) 2. Learning more Italian. “Io mi sono asciugata” – basically it means I dried myself off. Also, say it with me “a-shoo-gah-tah.”

(Tre) 3. Learning that “seccato” is also a word that means “dry” – but not in the sense of not being wet. This surprised me because the base is the same as Spanish “seco.” Italians (er, maybe Sicilians) use “seccato” for dried fruits, but otherwise it means “really pissed off” – which is not a good thing!

(Quattro) 4. More cats – in Feline Agility Competitions. How do these owners find the time?

(Cinque) 5. Finding the long lost photo of the Freeky Fries. I wanted to include these photos yesterday, but they were lost in the magical, mystical media library of this blog. Now they are found. Italian junk food continues!

These were gross, by the way. Ewww!


If you haven’t figured out that I’m sort of into feeling grateful, or at least looking for the sunny side of the street, and lemonade, and cool patterns rain makes on my glasses (puh-lease, that one is actually SO annoying). The U.S. Thanksgiving holiday is among my favorites! Heck, I’ll celebrate Canada’s Thanksgiving, too, given the opportunity and any other opportunity to share community thankfulness. I am counting my blessings, so to speak, and let me tell you, given the right perspective, blessings are infinite. Perspective is everything, as this gentleman so adeptly illustrates as he describes his “American Dream.”



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6 responses to “Dry – witty? Dry – not sweet? Or Dry – pissed off?

  1. Happy early Thanksgiving! It’s one of my favorite holidays too, but because I don’t have to go anywhere and can just relax and be thankful that Dave cooks. Will you guys celebrate? Do they have turkey readily available?

  2. The Kitten Covers – omg!! I love cats!!!!!

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