Knowing when you are tired.


(Uno) 1. Beautiful Mt. Etna in the morning sunrise. Although in this rainy season she doesn’t show her face every day, it is still a genuine treat to see Mt. Etna in the early morning light.

(Due) 2. Feeling super crappy about a situation, but having the presence of mind to know that the icky feeling will pass, the awareness to question my own state of mind, and feeling fine with how crappy the situation is. Sometimes, crap is crap.

(Tre) 3. Moving stuff. I was a pack-rat growing up. Ask my mom. I like to save boxes. Yep, I thought that if I saved several tens of uniquely shaped box, then I would have the perfect box to wrap up any gift. In my current life, I relish moments when I willingly give away/throw away/use up any material items. Just keep them moving through this world.

(Quattro) 4. Knowing that no matter how wonderful the place is, being here with my nuclear family is what really makes it special.

(Cinque) 5. Crock pots! We bought a crock pot this week and Dave made his super-delicious artichoke dip. It was delightful!

Most often I function with rational judgment. However, as most people who end up reading blogs know, our lives are not composed of the mere necessities, but are enriched by the undefinable pleasure and value we attribute to sharing experiences with others, to building a social community, to finding like-minded peers, to feeling normal (in some sense of the word). When I start to feel tired, I often go into “efficiency” mode and I try to complete necessity tasks – but life cannot be lived without some pleasurable moments. Here’s to taking a pleasure over a seeming-necessity this weekend! Ciao.

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