Sometimes, in your bowl of cherries or your box of chocolates, you find a piece of sh*t


(Uno) 1. Direction to this delightful website KnockKnock from my friend Lisa B. She’s basically super awesome, and so are the products there.

(Due) 2. Starting to listen to the new Florence and the Machine album, Ceremonials. This blog post alerted me to the album. I am a big fan of Dog Days Are Over, and this album looks to be a great follow-up.

(Tre) 3. Giggling every time I call the band in Due “Florence and the Hendersons” – somehow I mixed up the band name with that silly 80s movie about an Ewok/Sasquatch mix befriending a family.

(Quattro) 4. Loving the word Sasquatch! It is fun to say, it is fun to hear, it has round “sasss”, and puckered “qua” and a resoundingly crisp “(a)tch.” So satisfying a word. Plus, it is a Salish word, which reminds me of the Pacific Northwest and the Sasquatch Festival. Fond feelings.

(Cinque) 5. Realizing that finding and inserting links into my blogposts is eerily similar to (though less exacting than) footnoting all of my work in law school. Footnotes make so much sense that they never really bothered me. Lots of other stuff about law school did, but never footnotes.


The “cento” space witnesses my viewpoint evolving and changing; other times it simply evolves. The Sandusky tragedy has been troubling me. The developing story is devastating; pro-Paterno college riots were gut-wrenching; Sandusky’s Bob Costas interview illuminating: the man is disturbed and delusional. He was protected for too long by people who do not value truth. To seek and to act on what you understand to be true is difficult work, often unpopular, too. I practice everyday truths in hopes that I will have the courage to speak the truth in difficult situations. “That’s all I have to say about that.



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6 responses to “Sometimes, in your bowl of cherries or your box of chocolates, you find a piece of sh*t

  1. I love Florence & The Machine. Just got their 2nd album and I run to it! Totally digging Shake It Out!

  2. Lisa Berg

    Wow – my first time tagged in a blog! I feel so special! And, I was hanging with my mom when I read it, so I got to share the moment with her! 🙂 I’m glad you liked the site, and like me, are sharing it with others – the best thing to do with stellar things.

  3. I’m always looking for new music, and I thought I didn’t know Florence and the Machine, but when I watched Dog Days Are Over on YouTube just now I realized I have heard that song on Sirius before, I just never took notice of the name. I like that song. There’s a little brawl developing in the comments on that video about her singing (live BBC version), but it sounds fine to me. She’s a little wail-ey, but I bet it’s fun to sing it that way.

    • For me, I love that song because it mixes the wail-ey yelling (which I LOVE to do) with soft sounds and enigmatic lyrics that are infused with familiar phrases and words. It makes me feel at home and comfortable all at the same time that it makes me want to run away from everything comfortable.

      I am still getting into the new album.

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