Frankenstein and Batman Begin


Uno (1). Back to work!

Due (2). Finding reasons to take breaks to go outside during the day. We had ten hours and six minutes of daylight today, which means I have to find reasons to go outside the office and see some of it.

Tre (3). “Bisogno.” This basically means “I need.” I have been using “vorrei” which means “I would like.” See the difference? Me, too. I needed another Bombola, I would like another glass of wine. (Or a first glass in this instance).

Quattro (4). Exercise! After two days of being home sick, I was ready to hit the gym this morning. As I changed out of my sweaty t-shirt, I was grinning from ear-to-ear.

Cinque (5). Colleagues. It is probably not a shocker that someone who decides to blog is also someone who likes to kibitz with her colleagues. Lucky me, I landed on a great ship! (That’s Navyspeak, Jill-style).


Following the ash downpour, I needed (bisogno) to sweep the terrace. I would have liked (vorrei) to wait for a break in the rain; but that never happened. As I was sloshing around on the terrace, I had a vision: Rooftop black sand beach! Sea water flowing, sun pouring down, and sand hot under my towel (imagine!). I wanted to share my vision with y’all, so I put on my bathing suit, but there wasn’t enough “sand” to hold me; plus, it was raining! Instead, Frankenstein and Batman modeled on the beach. Thus began the adventures of Frankenstein and Batman.

Don’t they look like they are ready for a relaxing day at the beach?

Hmmm…maybe they are too preoccupied with work. It happens to the best of ’em. Except Scott and Sue T, of course. I’ll miss seeing them at the beach this year.

P.S. If you think that these photos look like anything other than a black sand beach, I’m going to take that as evidence of just how powerful an imagination I have – and how positive.



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7 responses to “Frankenstein and Batman Begin

  1. Sharon

    I can’t believe how much black sand you swept up. Hope Frankenstein and Batman are enjoying it. What do Maki and panther think?

  2. Sue T

    And Scott and Sue T will miss you on the beach this year too! :):)

  3. Zina

    Love the figurines!

  4. Yes to being outside. I have to take two subway lines to get to work and a couple weeks ago I started getting off at the transfer point and walking. It adds about 5-10 minutes to my morning commute, but adds ~25 minutes of exercise to my day. I reach work in a much better mood and with a mind that is more clear than when I switch trains. Not sure how into this I’ll be in the dead of winter but it’s good now.

    I still think getting another little mid-day outdoor break would be good, but my butt always seems to grow roots in my office chair once I’m sitting.

    • Ah – that is totally a move I would make.

      I loved living in DC when I did, because although I often took the metro, the reality is, I could walk anywhere I needed to if I had enough time to do it (and didn’t matter if I were sweaty upon arrival).

      The same was true in Barcelona, and many European cities – and living in Madison, WI was a walker’s dream. (Hint for your upcoming cold weather, head, hands & ears covered & you can make it past 5 minutes, which is really all it takes to warm up unless it is under -5F).

      I almost never walk here and I really miss it! Hence, the worktime excursions!

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