Is Ryan Gosling Cuter than a Puppy? (Hint, mostly yes.)


(Uno) 1. Nursing my cold with buckwheat pumpkin pancakes. Yep, I have an official Sicilian cold. Boo-hoo, breathing is harder, but otherwise life is pretty much the same.

(Due) 2. Snuggling into the couch without remorse. The day was overcast and rainy – and I was under the weather myself – reading, internet-ing and movie-watching were just what the doctor ordered!

(Tre) 3. Finding “Is Ryan Gosling Cuter than a Puppy?“. Go forth and enjoy.

(Quattro) 4. A long hot bath in our Italian bathtub. It is very deep and rather narrow. I love it. Our hot water heater can get quite hot when we’re doing dishes, but Dave and I have each struggled to get our bathwater to get that hot. Tonight I ran the water at low pressure on the highest setting…and – Victory! HOT bathwater. It makes sense because I obviously run the water at low pressure when washing dishes. (If you’re curious, the tub is 20″ across, 45″ long at the deepest point, 55″long at the first top layer, and 60” long the layer above that).

(Cinque) 5. Turned the heat on! This was a bittersweet moment for me. I always try to conserve energy, so I withstand the cooler temperatures as long as possible, but I cracked today (bitter). We limited it to the radiator in the living room and closed off the room and it was worth it (sweet).


Is energy consumption cultural? I am an energy snob – everyone I know could get by on least 20% less energy. Time and again in the Sigonella community, I have heard people praise the base-provided housing because you can “blast the A/C” and “leave the lights on without worrying [about the bill]” and I can only imagine the ongoing water waste! It seems so irresponsible – not only is it ignorant about who pays the cost (OUR taxes/U.S. government), but it is also ignorant of finite natural resources. I am confused by such destructive behaviors. Is this cultural or is it just me?


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7 responses to “Is Ryan Gosling Cuter than a Puppy? (Hint, mostly yes.)

  1. Ah Ryah Gosling 🙂 I’m obsessed. To answer your question, I’ll write about Still Missing on one of my blogs soon. I’ve just been completely unable to write or even read blogs for the past week! About the energy consumption, I used to feel like that for a long time so I understand how people can say that. Obviously I do not feel like this anymore, but I guess it’s just one of those things. People aren’t educated about issues and so they don’t know why they should care.

    • What happened for you to change the way you felt about energy consumption? I am really curious about this and I don’t want to sound like a judgmental ass.

      Thanks for the Ryan Gosling link – such a great few moments of my day. 🙂

  2. I can’t take my eyes off of those puppies long enough to even compare them to Ryan Gosling. The Pomeranian wrapped in lights on October 23rd stole my soul.

    Seriously, I guess I live under a rock because scanning through Ryan’s credits on, I realize I’ve never seen anything he’s been in. I wanted to see Blue Valentine but I didn’t get around to it.

    Also, PUPPIES!

    • I totally know how you are feeling because I didn’t really “get” the Ryan Gosling thing until I saw him in Blue Valentine – so you should SEE IT!

      I had seen him in The Notebook (which is too sappy for me), and in the one where he is a depressed high school teacher (good movie, but it didn’t lead to me developing a crush on him) – but when I saw him in Blue Valentine…well, things changed for me. It is like there is Ryan Gosling pre-BV and post-BV.

      Pre-BV, the puppies would have won nearly every time. Post-BV, well, it’s still really close! Ha.

      • OK, will definitely rent BV soon. I plan to celebrate fake holiday “National Family Pajama Night” this Saturday, mostly because I like the idea of purposely burrowing and wearing PJs this Saturday and because it was an excuse to buy my dog some PJs (he’s going to hate me). We need a movie idea, maybe we’ll do this one. Although isn’t it depressing?

        • While I wouldn’t call it out and out depressing, I also would not call it in any way uplifting. Well, unless you can identify with one aspect of the struggle that is depicted. It is a movie that really made me think about how f*ing brilliant it is that ANY relationship lasts. I mean, hello – two completely different people, with different ideas about how the world works, how they fit into it, and where they want to go in this life, – you know, those two people decide, “let’s commit to live together FOREVER” – I mean, it sounds kinda dumb if you think about it from a risk management approach. LOL. okay, just let me know when you’ve watched it so we can discuss more. This is kinda scary – movies are a big deal to me. I hope you like it well enough that you still like me. LOL, again (uh, sorta).

          The PJ day sounds like a grand idea! We’re doing a big outdoorsy day, and should be home and ready to collapse by 4 or 5 (it gets dark around 4:15 right now). 🙂

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