Pancakes! Fritelle!


(Uno) 1. Finding some more work clothes. I shopped at the mall, Katane, which is already decorated for the Christmas holiday. It doesn’t feel as “wrong” here because Sicilians don’t celebrate U.S. Thanksgiving, after all.

(Due) 2. Roadside produce vendors. Melons, mushrooms, plums, tomatoes, oh my! We had a great time selecting yummy treats.

(Tre) 3. Our landlord, Signor Messina. He is a great guy overall, and he treats us well, too. He is willing to navigate the sea of languages we have at our disposal, Italian (him), French (mostly him, a little me), Spanish (mostly me, a little him) and English (mostly me…okay, nearly all me). We had a mechanical issue with a door and we managed to communicate it all, in the end.

(Quattro) 4. Our new bed! I may have mentioned that we had some “loaner” furniture. The Department of Defense (Navy’s sugar mama) wisely created a stockpile of furniture to loan out to service members and civil service employees to use while you wait for your own furniture to arrive. We had still been sleeping on the loaner bed and got our new bed delivered yesterday – Extra Firm and very comfortable!

(Cinque) 5. Good neighbors. Our U.S. neighbor “W” is a really nice guy. We keep bumping into him and chatting and I like him more and more each time. Yesterday he gave us some tips on drilling into and hanging pictures on the concrete walls. Yes, you read that correctly. Concrete. Welcome to Sicily!


I have been craving buckwheat pancakes lately. Ready for breakfast? Come join me…

Here is the pancake mix (what? a mix? YES. I’m pretty sure I could make them from scratch, but my kitchen isn’t sufficiently equipped yet).

And the canned pumpkin…

Batter. I use the brush to spread the oil in the pan.

Cooking in the cast iron pan.

Warming in the oven.

Toppings are ready: pure maple syrup, local honey, ricotta, and melon (from the roadside stand!).

Here they are!

Time to eat. Melon and syrup featured here; melon and honey was my favorite combo. Mmmmm. Buon appetito!



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3 responses to “Pancakes! Fritelle!

  1. Melanie

    Jill, this is genius, with the canned pumpkin!! Do you mix it in? The whole can? I am going to have to try this!

    • I used 1 cup of canned pumpkin for the mix recipe that was 1 cup of dry ingredients. They took a little long on the griddle and I actually had to add more water. I added a bunch of cinnamon, too.

      Jill Warning, Visionary and Ideas Vector

    • Mel – I finished up the pumpkin in a savory manner – S&P, garlic and dried lemon peel (a new ingredient I am experimenting with) and heated it up and then put it on crostini, then topped with pecorino and toasted in the broiler. Mmmmm.

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