Ode to Cat People – in Photos and Words

Cinquecento – Theme Day: Cats!

(Uno) 1. The family cats Maki and Panther bring me joy. There is no need to apologize to a society who mocks the “cat lady” figure, even if some people practically demand you explain yourself.

(Due) 2. I was just thinking about how to simultaneously introduce you to the kitty adorableness and speak up for the rationality of cat-lovers when I came across this blog post, over at The Wordy Thirties.

(Tre) 3. Preach, sister! Plus, the November theme at The Wordy Thirties is daily gratitude, similar to what I’m trying to do here. Pets are something to be grateful for – if you don’t agree that the benefits outweigh the resource drain, well, then you’re not a pet person and you shouldn’t have a pet. Cheers to all of the lovely cat people I know and love: Jenny, Claire, Leslie, IBKC, Anisette, Sarah (The Wordy Thirties), and all of you reading, too!

(Quattro) 4. Maki and Panther are not related and are about 9 months apart in age. Maki was my first love and I am reluctant to admit how much I love the “first-born” because I was a middle child myself, and well, I was bitter about the lack of Jill-attention for a time. (Mostly over it now).

(Cinque) 5. Cat fights! These are for real. There are claws, fur flies, and it’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye. From what we see, Maki and Panther have a healthy fight-love relationship and they enjoy their scuffles.

Cento – photos in place of cento words. (I have dinner reservations!)

Here are some photos depicting the unfolding of a cleaning session turned wrestle-mania (apologies for the poor photo quality…I was using zoom on my iphone, which I should never do again):

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One response to “Ode to Cat People – in Photos and Words

  1. wordythirties

    Thanks for linking me! 🙂 And, hear hear – cheers to all the lovely cat people!! Your babies look so sweet (even when they are fighting). They actually remind me of my very first cat, Abby, who lived to be 24!

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