“Radio, Radio, Radio Italia – solo la musica Italiana!”


(Uno) 1. Learning more and more about military organization. EUCOM – European Command – runs the organization of the military services in Europe. The headquarters is in Stuttgart, Germany.

(Due) 2. Secret = “segreto.” Yet, if you say that word around Sicilians, they warn you against saying it publicly. I am on the hunt to find out what the nearly-sounding word means (has to be a naughty word, right?).

(Tre) 3. Delicious pizza dough! Dave and I were in a hurry to scoop up some dinner ingredients Monday night and we grabbed pre-made pizza dough, with sauce spread on it. We were doubtful, but…well, you know how these things work sometimes. The crust was great! Flaky and crispy on the edges, thin and doughy in the middle.

(Quattro) 4. Buffalo Hummus! Amy at The Whole Sweet Scoop posted a simple recipe for making spicy hummus sauce that rivals buffalo sauces with chicken wings. I didn’t have onion powder, so I modified and added dried lemon peel, I thought it was pretty Sicilian of me. Anyway, the result is delicious with bread chips.

(Cinque) 5. Bread chips! I have to get my photo-taker going again and (what’s that you say, it’s called a camera?) – anyway – I will get photos of the bread chips soon. They are similar to pita chips, but more flavorful and with a sturdier texture. They match well with sweet (Nutella!) and savory (Buffalo hummus) – and are about the same price as a bag of chips.


La musica! As the commuting days pass and we spend more time in the car, I become more grateful for the language barrier. Whereas certain U.S. pop artists get repetitive and boring (ahem, Katy Perry) because of ridiculously repeated radio play, Italian pop artists present me with opportunities to figure out Italian lyrics. I follow “Radio Italia.” Radio Italia plays “solo la musica Italiana.” That phrase makes me smile and I’m not sure why. In the past I would try to examine the why, but in my aged wisdom, I am happy just to find a new reason to smile!


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One response to ““Radio, Radio, Radio Italia – solo la musica Italiana!”

  1. Melanie

    That hummus recipe sounds so good! I will have to try it this weekend.

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