Frustrated Rope and Choke – Don’t try this at home.


(Uno) 1. Bed shopping at the NEX (Navy Exchange). There are many things we want to purchase from the Italian economy, but since we’re going to have a bed for a long time, and we’ll need to put sheets on that bed for a long time, we’re buying a bed whose sheets are U.S.-standards. The Italian beds are so similar, yet, we just went with it.

(Due) 2. Work, work, work, work, work, work, PAYCHECK! First payday in Sicily for Jillypants – yippeee!

(Tre) 3. Finding more and more reasons to like my colleagues, such as great restaurant recommendations in Catania. I think Royale Ceres is in our future!

(Quattro) 4. Bonus: Reading Italian and English reviews of restaurants on review websites.

(Cinque) 5. “Frustrated mail.” Part of my job brings me into contact with the military postal service, from which I recently learned the term frustrated mail. No, the mail isn’t upset with any person, it is upset that it cannot reach its final destination. For real, they use this term.


New Navy Vocab: Rope and Choke. No, I did not just invite you to a “special” night at my house. That is what the Navy informally calls its body-fat measurements. Dave was the Command Fitness Leader at his last command, so I am sure I heard the term before, yet I almost choked when I heard it in the office the other day. Tis the season for physical readiness tests, and since the Navy is “right-sizing” – these tests are very important! Fitness has always been a cornerstone of military readiness (duh), and so it continues, rope and choke and all.


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