Big Happy News!!!


(Uno) 1. The beautiful frutti di mare (seafood) on display at Alphio’s. Alphio’s is a restaurant near base. Photos below.

(Due) 2. Farewell lunch at Alphio’s. I am sad to bid farewell to the Chief who is moving on to Rota, Spain, he is a great anchor for the role he fills. Eating a nicely spicy Penne alla Puttanesca made up for it.

(Tre) 3. Visiting the Motta Residence Hotel to pick up a couple of items we inadvertently left behind (Dave’s U.S. cell phone among other things). I had a jack-o-latern grin the entire visit as I chatted with the staff who were so warm to us during our stay.

(Quattro) 4. Laura Pausini. She sounds a famed Italian pop/ballad singer. Check out my current LP jam, Benvenuto. This is available in the U.S. iTunes store.

(Cinque) 5. Deciphering song lyrics! I have been hearing a song on the radio and I could tell the man was singing “e te” (sounds like “Ay Tay”) – but I didn’t know anything else. Now, I’m all the way up to hearing “la differenza tra me e te” (the difference between me and you) and after that I found myself understanding nearly the entire first and second verses. He used some unfamiliar verbs in the third verse (or is it in the bridge?). In any case, I love it! Tiziano Ferro is the singer and the official title is “La Differenza Tra Me E Te.” (It is not yet available in the U.S. iTunes store – BOO!).


The U.S. Navy is a leviathan organization, filled with Admirals, Rear Admirals, Midshipmen, Captains, Sailors, Commanders, Lieutenant Commanders, LNs, YNs, Chiefs, Master Chiefs, Lieutenants, and a navillion more! While I don’t understand all the intricacies of advancing, I have known that the next step in Dave’s career was to be selected for the CSB (huh? explained below). Today, we’re celebrating his selection! A board composed of one Rear Admiral, two Captains, and three Commanders selected Dave for the Career Status Board (CSB). This is an important threshold to cross for Dave, as well as a meaningful accolade and milestone. Congratulations!

Now it’s time to look at some beautiful Frutti di Mare

Here is the whole spread, sitting on ice and positioned right by the antipasti buffet (think Italian version of a salad bar), so that you see all this glorious seafood right when you walk into the restaurant. Hello little fellas…

The restaurant does not get sufficient business to have fresh seafood like this every day, so they feature fresh seafood on Fridays.

I know tuna is often caught on the west side of the island, so this is probably very fresh.

I am curious about how and from where they obtain their salmon.

Then, there are the squid inserted lovingly and colorfully around the display.

And then these delightful fishies (sardine family?) – if you know what they are, let me know!

Ciao, Tutti! If you hear the party rockin’ in Acireale, that’s just us celebrating…



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4 responses to “Big Happy News!!!

  1. Lisa Berg

    I understand how difficult it is to understand song lyrics! The words take on new sounds once they are sung, are anunciated/stressed differently, and once they all roll together, it can make them next to impossible to understand until you’ve listened closely dozens of times! Though, I have a hard time understanding all songs in English… I love listening to music in Spanish while I work mainly b/c I can’t get sucked into singing along and get distracted – it keeps me company without letting me get side tracked – perfect! šŸ™‚

  2. The little “sardine family guys” are Red Mullet or Triglia di Scoglio. They are not in the sardine family but in the mullet family or Mugilidae or goat fish. They are delicious and good for you. They have been eaten for centuries in Italy and France and are a valued fish.
    The “tuna” you mentioned looks a lot like swordfish to me, pesce spada. Because of the dark area the blood line in tuna it runs closer to the edges of the loins not marbling into the muscle. I love swordfish, give it a try, grilled with salmoriglio sauce it’s very Sicilian.
    Lastly I”m guessing they get their salmon from Britain or Norway, and it does look quite lovely, but it’s not local.

    • Awesome!

      Thanks, Dan. Yes, of course that is swordfish. We’ve seen it everywhere here, I can’t believe I mistook it for tuna. And, it is very Sicilian. Dave had some right when we got here, but I have been hesitant because swordfish has been on PC-do-not-eat lists for a while, so I wanted to get more info about why it is taboo, even if it is local.

      I think I was focused on the tuna fishermen history of the western side of the island and how I read an account of the dwindling numbers of schools of tuna that pass through. I am a sucker for such plights and always excited to make my one person difference.

      Good to know my knowledge about salmon was right on, at least. Great to know those are mullet and not sardinies. šŸ™‚

      AWWWW – I really hope you can make a trip over here while we’re living here. xoxoxo

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