The Things We Do For Love

Reverse Cinquecento – Cinque photos hold more than cento words.

Yep, loyal readers, I am submitting myself to Junk Food on your behalf.

While wine, cured meats, and cheese are well known features of Italian culture, I have decided to opt for a “Cinque” photo feature into the wilds of Sicilian junk food. I will try out one of each of the following junk foods over the next five days…hope you can handle it!




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5 responses to “The Things We Do For Love

  1. I told you it was the wild world of junk food – so wild, there were some photos that were upside down…eek!

  2. I’m laughing at the Hello Kitty one… Where did you get all of this stuff?? 🙂

  3. Zina

    Unbelievable. The freaky fries actually look a little freaky from the photo. And, crazy that Hello Kitty made it on to a bag of junk food! Was that food item targeted at little kids? I look forward to hearing about this food adventure, as I’m a fan of junk food (in moderation).

  4. Tasting night tomorrow night! The Hello Kitty was just in the very short “chips/nuts” portion of an aisle at the Standa (grocery store) close to our house. The processed cookie aisle is at least 3-4 times as big as this chip/nut section is.

  5. Katie T

    When I was in Zimbabwe for a semester in college, the one thing I really missed by the end was junk food. Their chips were not even remotely similar, and neither was their chocolate. I imagine you will have better luck in the chocolate department, though.

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