“It’s time to start loving Oral”


(Uno) 1. The United States of Tara. See title of this post. It is hilarious!

(Due) 2. Laughing. I’ve probably listed laughing as a highlight before, but let’s all admit how good it feels! I look for opportunities to smile instead of frown. I credit “Today’s Special” with a particularly happy scene about turning a frown upside down. Anyone else remember that show?

(Tre) 3. Whoa – rainy season hits! Driving through “puddles” up to the tops of my tires and staying on track. Whew.

(Quattro) 4. Not being a teenager. Let’s face it. For all the troubles we are facing, having an adult perspective is SO much better than suffering through adolescence. Plus we can drive!

(Cinque) 5. Toni Collette. ‘Nuf said.


Thank you friends and readers who have responded with your interests in what I write and post. The overwhelming response is to hear more about food and culture. To that end, I am going to {omg, as I write, USOT referenced “Small Wonder” another hilarious 80s show!}, um, so I’m going to keep writing about food and culture and include a couple of photos of a piadene I got at Ottobrata Zafferanese. It is a LOT like a crepe, and I used to make them when the food cart had a regular gig at Madison’s Saturday farmer’s market. Yummmmmmmmm-me! Ciao.


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