Chock Full o’News


Uno (1). Started my job!!!

Due (2). SkyTV installed at home!

Tre (3). Dave’s Mustache Mug featured in a Modern Family episode while it was sitting right there on the coffee table! Check out the photo below, you know you want one.

Quattro (4). “Tata” is everywhere right now. I see Tata trucks in Sicily, Goldie Hawn wrote about Tata stuff in her (pretty terrible) book, and now I just read it in my latest book adventure – “Cutting for Stone” by Abraham Verghese. Isn’t it funny how you can go your whole life and be unaware of a brand?

Cinque (5). This also reminds me of the other book project I am taking on – reading “Going Overboard: the misadventures of a military wife” by Sarah Smiley. A small group of military spouses opted for this book as a long-distance book club an excuse to reach out to each other.


Electricity! Shocks, charges, buzzes; you might think that electricity is the same everywhere – WRONG. Wink, wink – no need to fret, the electricity is obviously the same, it is just that the money-makers decided to make appliances and circuits run on different voltage and hertz cycles in different parts of the world. Here in Sicily, we run 220 volts, and in the U.S. the voltage is 110. The hertz cycle affects anything that has a circuit – like the timer on your coffee machine or alarm clock. This renders much of our electronics pretty much useless without a transformer. To be continued…



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2 responses to “Chock Full o’News

  1. Katie T

    That mustache mug is awesome.

    Did you like Cutting for Stone? He wrote another book called the Tennis Partner and I think I like that even better.

    • Mustache mug even more awesome when you see that the staches are all famous staches throughout history and one of them is Frida Kahlo’s eyebrows! lol.

      still have cutting for stone on the back burner. Got caught up in Jane Smiley “Ten Days in the Hills” which is equal parts interesting and conversations I actively try to avoid in real life, so why do I want to read about them. Looking forward to Cutting for Stone soon.

      Watching film version of “Never Let Me Go” (Kazuo Ishiguro) – and am thinking this is exactly the kind of book that should never have been turned into a movie.

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