Uno (1). Got my very first blogging award! Thank you, Logy Express!!! My duties with the award will be fulfilled by the week’s end.

Due (2). Completed even more data for my JOB! I’m so excited for the analyzing to begin…(yes, my job title is “Analyst”). I am about to test my admiration of the 9-5 lifestyle that plagues Logy Express. šŸ˜‰

Tre (3). Sipping Tuscan wines with Hal, Anisette and Dave.

Quattro (4). Religulous. Anisette was excited to talk to us about it and luckily the Sigonella library had it on the shelf. Great movie, definitely thought provoking and hilariously produced.

Cinque (5). “Km 0” – this is a Slow Food idea of sourcing as many ingredients locally as possible. Several Tuscan restaurants highlighted “Km 0” items on their menus. It is a mix of the Eat Local movements in the U.S. and the idea of terroir (often credited to the French). In all, it is an agreement to focus on the value of food as community, art, and vocation. The phrase “Km 0” has an Italian history, so it is a fitting title for this practice.


Fagottini! What’s a fagottini? Trust me, you’ll know it when you see it! That doesn’t help you, does it? I was introduced to the fagottini in my former life as a server at Lombardino’s, and forgot all about it until last weekend. We were dining on a fabulous lunch in Sovana, at Ristorante dei Merli, and Dave ordered a fagottini for dessert. Fagottini is a “bundle” of something, and it looks like a purse or the satchel on the end of a hobo’s stick. They can be made savory or sweet. Here’s an Italian recipe, translated as “Bundle of Apples.”







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8 responses to “Fagottini

  1. Katie T

    Oh, my gosh, I love Lombardinos! We lived a block away when my husband was in medical school and I was obsessed with their pizza with prociutto and arugula. I have tried many times to recreate it but it is never quite as amazing.

  2. Congrats on the shout-out by the Logy Express! And, I’m glad you watched “Religulous”. Muy interesante, eh? Much love, sista.

  3. Sharon

    I know the pizza at Lombardinos that Kate is talking about. It was delicious. The apple bundles look very good also. But what is the yellow sauce off to the side?

  4. I absolutely love Religulous and I love Bill Maher. SO funny. That movie is amazing. One of my favorite parts was when that one guy was talking about how even if heaven is in a trash can or something it’s ok because he’ll be with Jesus, and eventually Bill is just like, “well why don’t you kill yourself?” Soo wrong, but I just could not stop laughing. There’s nothing he won’t say!

  5. Yes – the “Pizza Lombardino” is memorable and addicting! The extra crunch of the arugula as you are tearing proscuitto away from your mouth and trying to avoid letting the savory olive oil run down your chin. Or not avoiding it and just letting yourself go!

    Also, Religulous was great. Although I would not compare myself to Bill Maher in many ways at all, I found myself nodding along as he explained how he came to find the blind belief associated with religions so exasperating.

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