Sun-nazzy Sunday


Uno (1). Walking around Pitigliano with Dave at twilight.

Due (2). Listening to Dave spontaneously list the top five highlights of his day – without naming it like that. It was great to hear his enthusiasm and his list – twilight in Tuscany with his wife and Anisette and Hal visiting.

Tre (3). Cornetto type of pastry from the panetteria in Pitigliano.

Quattro (4). Eating figs from the trees in Sovana. Mmmmm.

Cinque (5). Visiting Etruscan tombs, especially since Hal is a big archeology geek and provided lots of interesting tidbits of information and pocketfuls of enthusiasm.


Today’s photo inspiration features the lovely effects of sunshine on dazzling produce. Just look at those beautiful citrus fruits basking in the sunshine. It is hard to believe it is already a week since I saw these bumpy cedro* at Ottobrata Zafferanese. Citrus fruits amaze me because they soak up all the summer sunshine and then while we are all adjusting to falling temperatures and autumn winds, the lovely citrus fruit is getting tarter and juicier – just waiting for late autumn and early winter to bring that taste of summer back to our desperate palettes. Hope you’re enjoying a sun-nazzy Sunday.

*Cedro are a citrus fruit with a palatable pith, a touch of salt and the juicy tart center make this fruit a Sicilian specialty.


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3 responses to “Sun-nazzy Sunday

  1. Your life in Italy sounds so beautiful. Are you going to be able to go back to the US after living like this??

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