Sumptuous Saturday


Uno (1). Walking in the cool autumn weather and getting all warm from activity.

Due (2). A hot shower at twilight in Autumn. The evening is getting cooler, and the water warms you up and cleans you up!

Tre (3). Cinghiale. That is wild boar, and it is delicious.

Quattro (4). Aged balsamic vinegar. Mmmmmm.

Cinque (5). Tortelli di carciofi – a pasta like ravioli filled with a light creamy artichoke filling and served with creamy delicate sauce with the lightest pieces of crispy speck (pork similar to bacon); like a pillow of goodness in my mouth. Yummy!


With today’s photo I am remembering the lovely chocolate offerings of last week’s Ottobrata Zafferanese. Although Dave has a serious sweet tooth and I love a general love of thoughtfully produced foods, we hadn’t been swayed by any other chocolate vendors until this one. We were moved enough to purchase some of the delectable goodies featured in these shots. We bought two slices of rich chocolate, both with a sturdy fudge consistency. One was flavored with pistacchio and the other with an unidentified liqueur. We enjoyed them in small bites of chocolate goodness as dessert each night this week. Mmmmmm.



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5 responses to “Sumptuous Saturday

  1. Just to help you clarify. Speck is the hind leg of a pig (the ham) it is cured in a manner similar to prosciutto but usually with the addition of pepper and juniper. Then during the air drying process the addition of smoke gives it another dimension of flavor. It hails from the Tyrol area up through Switzerland and southern Germany where they call it Schinkenspeck. Oh, and I agree it’s delicious.

  2. Melanie

    That chocolate looks so delicious!!!

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