Fri-i-day, Fri-i-day


Uno (1). Orange cream cannolo for breakfast? Don’t mind if I do.

Due (2). Greeting my good friends Hal and Anisette with big bear hugs! Benvenuto!

Tre (3). Long conversations with good friends.

Quattro (4). Above conversations with yummy Italian wines, bread from the panetteria, formaggio (pecorino) and salame from the salumeria, mmmmmm.

Cinque (5). Finding my Ottobrata typo and realizing I want to go back and correct it in the last several posts. Blogging is a labor of love, for sure.


C’mon y’all – you know the “Fri-i-day” screech I’m talkin’ ’bout! One Miss Rebecca Black singing her heart out? <a href="” target=”_blank”>This one. Listen to it, you will thank shake your fist at me later. Although hilariously bad, I can still appreciate the heart and soul Ms. Black put into her video. You can practically taste her joy as she belts out one horrible lyric after the other, it might make you shiver. While I, too, don’t know which seat should I take, I know I wanna kick it with my friends. We all love Friday, almost as much as we like Fun-Fun-Fun-Fun-Fun-Fun-Fun.

Ottobrata Zafferanese continues…

Here, we have “cotognata,” which I had to look up on itranslate, and as far as I can tell, it is a sort of quince jelly product, though it looks a lot like a bar of soap.


Next we have two items of produce. The first is Melograno (or pomegranate to you English speakers, interestingly, “mele” is apple in Italian and “pomme” is apple in French. See the connection?).


Mmmm…grilled corn on the cob greeted us as we entered the “meat” area, which was how our host Kim referred to this set of vendors. The corn smelled delicious!




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5 responses to “Fri-i-day, Fri-i-day

  1. Par-tee-yin, par-tee-yin, YAH!

  2. Haha – I’m pretty sure I sing that song every single Friday. So sad! That produce looks awesome too.
    PS – I want an orange cream cannolo! Want to mail one to NJ? 😉

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