Under the Thursday Sun


Uno (1). Great speed workout at the gym. Unfortunately I pulled my groin muscle a little bit.

Due (2). Yoga session. I got some good stretching advice for that groin – what timing!

Tre (3). This delightful article of men parodying female stereotyped advertisement poses.

Quattro (4). We got a call from Fleet & Family Support Center – our Amici are ready! I feel like we are getting a huge gift. The center searched to find a couple who are open to befriending us and chatting in Italian, showing us their Sicily, and sharing our version of the US lifestyle.

Cinque (5). Bought a hammer to replace the one lost in the move. The strangest things make me happy.


I have oodles of gorgeous photos from last weekend’s Ottobrata outing that I want to show you, and not a lot of time to update my blog posts. Photos take the longest, so I am going to share short bursts of brilliant color with each day’s post to keep you as enthralled and enchanted with Zafferana as I am. Let me know which photos you enjoy and what aspects of Sicily interest you and I will whip out my beloved iphone and capture small bits of Sicily to share with you. As they say at Blog-wiser*, this blog’s for you!

*Blog-wiser is a fictional place in my imagination.

Here is the simple logo of the event. These green borders marked the food, craft and sundry booths at Ottobrata.

The weather teetered between ominous and sunnily stunning. Here you can see the white tent-tops of the food booth. The weekend’s theme was “funghi” or mushrooms, and the food booth was selling funghi risotto for 3Euro a plateful.

First, I had to obtain a ticket! To do so, I went to the “cassa” or cashier, and paid with a 20Euro. She asked if I had any “moneta” or coin money to spare her from making change. Seems festivals the world over have the same issues – making change is a pain!

Next, I watched the chefs at work as I stood in the stereotypical Italian line. Quite a bit of jostling for position. My tip to you: make eye contact! Italians may push from time to time, but they really value relationships, so as soon as you make eye contact or share a laugh, they are charming and accommodating – even in lines!

Finally! I was rewarded with a steaming hot plate of yummy rather good satiating risotto.

The texture of the risotto (a rice product) was good – firm but yielding to the tooth, and the sauce was savory, if a bit runny. Yet, there were too few funghi and the overall effect was that of eating hot mac-n-cheese on a cool autumn day: comforting and filling, if not flavorfully satisfying.

Ottobrata was still a wonderful festival. We spotted the Slow Food booth at the end the day and decided that the next weekend we visit Ottobrata Zafferanese, we’ll start there!

Until tomorrow…


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