Is this a post about my job or the Packers? It’s kinda tough to tell…


Uno (1). We got internet at the house!!! Yay! Oh happy day!

Due (2). Work lunch – food. I ate a delightful plate of Penne alla Puttanesca. Don’t look up “puttanesca” – just trust me that this spicy tomato-based sauce is delightful when paired with the tart and tangy capers and meaty and flavorful kalamata olives as it was yesterday at Alfio’s. Buonissima!

Tre (3). Work lunch – guest of honor. Yesterday I dined with Lauren Weiner, who founded Wittenberg Weiner Consulting. She started the company in 2004 and you can read more about that process here. I was glad to meet her and to have the opportunity to thank her for starting the company that is helping me find a great job here in Sicily.

Quattro (4). I can see Mt. Etna again! After the heavy rains set in Friday night, I barely saw dear Etna beneath the haze of clouds that was her own weather microclimate. She graced the horizon once again yesterday morning and it was a sight for sore eyes. Gee, can you tell I’m already in love with this mountain?

Cinque (5). Early to bed! I’m not sure if it is the weather or fighting off a bug, but I got into bed at 9:30pm last night and fell asleep almost instantly. It was great.


Work worries have been my quiet companion lately. As regular readers know, I landed a job a month ago. Many have queried me since then, and I have had little to say because I have been doing paperwork and biding my time until the job is ready for me. Being that the nation (U.S.), region (here on base), and much of the planet is facing a depressed job market, insecurity was trying to murmur in my ear. I have been focused on patiently awaiting my start date. More activity is brewing currently; I’m confident a start date is coming soon!

Bonus Aaron Rodgers sighting – enjoy!

Although I am not much of an overall NFL fan, I am a diehard Green Bay Packers fan. No, I can’t tell you many of the offensive, defensive or special teams players. And, NO, I don’t even know for sure who the coach is right now. What I CAN tell you is that I’ve loved the Packers since Sterling Sharpe, through the Brett Favre years, and into the era of Donald Driver and Aaron Rodgers. I’m also a big fan of that dude with the icky blonde hair, Clay Matthews. Go PACK!



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4 responses to “Is this a post about my job or the Packers? It’s kinda tough to tell…

  1. Are you in the military? I noticed you said “on base.” I grew up on military bases, and that’s how I originally ended up in England.

    I’m sloooowly getting into football, although I suppose I’d have to be a Colts or Bengals fan!

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