Media Blitz


Theme Day!

The five articles I read from today’s New York Times:

Uno (1). Amish adults attacking other Amish adults? Scary business.

Due (2). Farming news. Think it is boring? Think again! Farming is the nuts and bolts of how we sustain ourselves and it deserves our attention.

Tre (3). Theater review. I desperately wanted to see the production of this play before leaving for Sicily. I missed out on it, so reading the review is the next best thing…er, maybe I should check youtube, too? Now I am scared it will make me resent my beloved iphone.

Quattro (4). Science Tuesday, baby! Origins of life is so much fun!!!

Cinque (5). Job creation. So many buzz words have arisen since the Great Recession began years ago, and “job creators” is one of them that sorta makes me throw up in my mouth. As far as I am concerned, the middle class and lower are getting the big screw and throwing around phrases like “job creators” is just a big cover up. Suck it up and give up your ginormous salaries, fat cats!


Since the New York Times adopted a new online business model, non-subscriber online users are limited to twenty articles per month (unless you access the article by clicking a link from social media, like THIS BLOG, wink-wink). Public computer users? No problem – the internet browser resets its counter with each new user. Private computer users? There are myriad options for interfering the system (e.g. delete the number 20 from the url). The Times is aware of and comfortable with these loopholes; they believe subscribers gain values that offset the cost. I haven’t subscribed yet, have you? Is it worth it?



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6 responses to “Media Blitz

  1. This is something I’ve been debating for a while! While I used to go directly to the page every day and just bounce around, I now get most of my NYT articles by following them on Twitter, Facebook and blogs. I still feel guilty. I really value the NYT and it’s by far my favorite news choice. I’d really hate to see it go under. I read a scary article in Vanity Fair last year about it being Rupert Murdoch’s goal to force the NYT to close. I think when I move back to the US I’ll definitely subscribe because I enjoy reading an actual paper so much more than I enjoy reading online. Also, when I buy a paper I read almost every article whether or not it’s something I’m interested in, but online I’m not drawn to read about a very wide variety of topics.

    • Yea, I keep debating it, too. This is especially true because the only month I even hit the limit was in September and that was probably related to me having a little more free time than I normally do.

      I definitely do not want the NYTimes to go under, but I also don’t feel like paying for something that I am not using enough to justify paying for it. If my usage is within the amount they think is still in the “free zone” – then maybe I’m better off paying for a subscription to a website/publication with more specific information. – like a cooking or travel publication, or a publication on blogging or writing, or Excel formulas – you know, specialized information.

  2. There are plenty of ‘loopholes’ in life. You look yourself in the mirror 🙂

    -subscriber of the NY Times (online)

    • So you feel like the cost is worth the amount you use the Times?

      I rarely (one time) hit the limit, so I don’t really think a paid subscription is the right fit for my usage.

      • I do feel the cost is worth the amount. I would love to explore more sources of media; but, with the tiem I allot myself for up-to-date news info as well as op-ed’s and worldly perspectives, I greatly appreciate the NY Times and the monthly fee that comes with it. I know explore a variety of news sources, as well, so I would recommend you follow your instinct on this. If you feel the need to pay, then pay. If not, enjoy!

        Love ya.

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