Adventures in Eating – Cavallo Edition


Uno (1). Ottobrata Zafferanese – that’s Zafferana Octoberfest to you. Zafferana is an adorable town north of Catania. It is halfway up Mt. Etna and offers beautiful views of the Ionian Sea and mainland Italy.

Due (2). Housewarming party fun. Friends of ours from “indoc” (Indoctrination class) invited us over for a lovely party Saturday evening. We got to check out their beautiful apartment, meet some really fun people, and laugh.

Tre (3). Household duties. Dave and I got cracking Saturday morning and continued to put together pieces of furniture, organize books and papers, and tidy up the house.

Quattro (4). Goldie Hawn. Yes, I love this woman and now I’m reading her autobiography, “A Lotus Grows in the Mud.” Look forward to more updates on this topic.

Cinque (5). Heart to heart with Dave. While I am focusing on all the positives here in cinquecento-land, stress abounds in the rest of my life. Dave understands me and is dealing with almost all the same stress. Friday night we spent some time going over what’s stressing us out and how we can support each other better.


Although I knew it would break some hearts (sorry, Lizzie), and although I am a sometimes-vegetarian who wants to be a most-times-vegetarian…yesterday my adventurous spirit won out and I took the opportunity to taste a new food – cavallo. “Cavallo” is horse and before you wrinkle your nose or feign a gut injury, just think about it, a horse is really similar to other barnyard animals you gobble up with nary a cringe. And, that’s pretty much how it tasted, (if you’re still reading and curious). I had it in a panino with cipolle (onions) and funghi (mushrooms) at Ottobrata.  


Grilling, grilling, grilling.

Hmmm…looks a lot like a really thin pork chop to me.

A full panino if I ever saw one! Many Ottobrata-goers also included patate (french fry style potatoes) on top of the sandwich! An interesting idea, but I wanted to be able to taste the cavallo.

As you can see behind me, the festival was packed despite the cooler weather. This crowd reportedly keeps the vendors jumping until midnight!

The panino was tasty, and thankfully I was sharing the big guy with Dave. However, since I am trying to shrink the number of meats I eat, this will probably be the last time I eat cavallo here. You never know what can happen, though. In any case, there are two more weekends of Ottobrata and I hope we get back at least once!



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2 responses to “Adventures in Eating – Cavallo Edition

  1. Ha. Im a sometimes vegetarian as well! However, I haven’t eaten horse. My husband loves it, I can’t get over the thought of eating well, horse. Looks like the festival was a great time. Nice pics!

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