Friendly Friday


Another Theme Day – yay!
The top Five ways I feel part of a community this morning.

Uno (1). Real Fun Food – this wonderful blogger writes about food from London, England. I am still learning about her, but so far I know she is from the U.S. Midwest (represent!) and she has great recipes and wit. And, she cares about GMO food – and so do I! I am pro-labeling.

Due (2). The Occupy Movement (a new twist)
I am pretty sure I fall in the 99%, but I have had a pretty charmed life, truth be told. I don’t mind working hard for my living, and I believe that most people would be happy to have the opportunity to do the same.

Tre (3). Big-time food blogger
This blogger is very famous and has gained a significant and loyal following as well as published articles and achieved her Registered Dietitian certification. Beautiful blog, yummy food, and an overall feel-good attitude.

Quattro (4). Yoga – dare I say it again this week? From the KathEats blog, I got a reference for a new yoga master, Dave Farmar, who produces podcast yoga workouts free to you and me! Check him out and feel the yoga love.

Cinque (5). Another great blogger who I am loving, at Logy Express. This post is pretty emotional and struck a nerve in my gut. Even though I haven’t had this exact experience, she describes the feelings so well, I immediately thought of other moments of ostracism and humiliation I have felt when among who I thought were my friends (maybe they really are, how much is in our own insecurities?).


The Cinquecento Project exists as my deliberate practice of focusing on the positive in life. By remembering five daily highlights, I find myself focused on highlights all day long; very empowering! Yet, I still stumble in life; I feel sorrow, fear, and pain. Here, I can report to you on positively dealing with that pain, instead of wallowing in misery alone. Although we experience life uniquely, sharing our experiences empowers us to continue moving forward. I treasure your feedback and support, so keep the comments and emails coming and feel free to share your struggles and successes. Ciao from Sicilia!



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3 responses to “Friendly Friday

  1. Thank you so much!!! Reading that made my day. I’ve actually been thinking of writing a very similar post for a while. I love blogging so much for the same reason. I absolutely love going into work in the morning and reading little snippets of people’s lives and what it’s like to live in Italy, for example, or any of the other part of the world.

    Oh, I didn’t know if you realized but that was my other blog that I accidentally commented with earlier. I didn’t realize I was logged in on my other account.

  2. Thanks for the kind words about my blog. I can’t tell you how much I needed a little boost like that right about now. This was my first week back after a vacation and I usually don’t handle re-entry very well, but this one was harder than usual.

    I love how you try to focus on the positive. I could stand to do that more!

  3. Melanie

    Thanks for the free yoga podcast suggestion! Miss you Jilly!

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