Somewhere George Clooney is Looking Handsome


Uno (1). Getting word from my employer that I will start work in one to two weeks! Great news.

Due (2). Watching and mocking “Murder on the Orient Express.” An impressive genre and the heart of Agatha Christie territory, but not my favorite schtick, hence the mocking. Great performances by a cast of talented actors.

Tre (3). Yoga. Um, yes, I know I’ve told you a million and one times how much I love yoga; it bears repeating for me.

Quattro (4). Laughing. Some days are just funnier than others and yesterday was one of them. At one point, I started talking about a dress I like to wear dancing and somehow the conversation ended in jokes about strobe lights and porn music. Just one of those days.

Cinque (5). Bubblegum pink Cinquecento!!! Dave and I have been keeping our eyes peeled for Cinquecentos and we’re tracking new colors. This had to be a custom paint job. Unfortunately we were passing it in the car, so no chance for a pic.


There are few joyful moments you can count on in life: smelling cool rain on hot blacktop in the summer, squinting at the glare of the sun rising on freshly fallen snow, and seeing a giant George Clooney face in the mall. Yes, I am one of the few people who enjoy seeing a handsome face. Of course, I knew George Clooney is enamored with Italy, I just didn’t know Italy reciprocated the feelings. He is the cover model for an Ocean Sport advertising campaign. I spotted him while out shopping. His good looks transcend cultural differences. Enjoy.


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2 responses to “Somewhere George Clooney is Looking Handsome

  1. He’s also involved with some Italian coffee ad thing too, right? I worked on a press release about him being in a commercial or something.

    • I didn’t know about his coffee gigs. I just did a quick google search and sure nuf there are Clooney coffee ads out there. He has also advocated for human rights from time to time, I think. He seems smart as well as handsome. In fact, I really think either he has great PR or he is smart, cuz other actors in the same category (Richard Gere, Russell Crowe) are no longer attractive to me – even when I watch their younger works – because of their personalities.

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