1 (uno). Coffee. I typically drink green tea in the mornings. Yesterday I wanted a cup of coffee made from freshly ground beans roasted by a thoughtful roaster and grown Fair Trade. Lucky for me, Dave was able to brew me such a cup. It completely hit the spot!

2 (due). Wearing jeans. The weather finally warranted it for the whole day through.

3 (tre). Scrabble on Facebook. It is one of my M-F pleasures. Word play delights me.

4 (quattro). Realizing I am free. Sometimes I forget; I can make any choices that I want to. I am not bound by tradition or past choices, I can always walk down a fork in the road.

5 (cinque). Shopping. Normally I dislike shopping. But when I find a brightly colored shirt like this, what’s not to like?



Yoga is a favorite exercise of mine. I started as a piece of cross-training in my running regimen in 2003. It taught me about accepting where I am without accepting that as the end point of where I can go. Yoga affords me the opportunity to stretch my body, mind and soul. In doing so, I explore my personal interconnectedness of these realms as well as the community that arises during group practice. For the next several weeks, I am joining a yoga class once a week to reconnect with myself and to reach out to the yoga community here.



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11 responses to “Yogalicious

  1. Update: Yoga was AWESOME!

    It felt great to be in a class again (no offense, Bryan Kest, you know I love you). The instructor is wonderful. I was a little nervous because I met her at dinner last week. She is married to one of Dave’s colleagues. Knowing the instructor makes it difficult to feel anonymous, which I like when I first go to a class. It was great, though. The flow was wonderful, lots of room to take it to your personal edge, and a strong sense of community in the room. Yay!

  2. I went to a yoga class once and really loved it. I loved it so much that I decided to try out zumba as well. Huge mistake. I felt like a big awkward praying mantis in that room. Everyone was graceful and cool, and I looked like some kind of stick bug trying to dance.

    • Ha ha! I can relate. I took a semester long hip-hop dance class and even though I can keep a beat, I’m not a *great* dancer (but I LOVE dancing nonetheless). A friend convinced me I would love Zumba, but I hated it! I felt weird and almost march-like so that whenever I was out of step even slightly, it was really awkward. In hip-hop, you can just make a new move when that happens. 🙂

  3. I’m also a Scrabble freak! Challenge on fb? Love the new shirt.

  4. Lisa Berg

    Bazinga to Scrabble!!! I also love the new shirt – but, being a Spanish teacher, I do love me some color… As for yoga, I went to an actual class one time (versus doing random poses at home), and I had to try not to giggle out loud as I watched myself and others wobble whilst trying to do the tree pose (the one with one foot on the inside of your thigh, balancing on one leg). And I was sore for a week afterwards! I can’t do aerobics or dance class, b/c I CANNOT keep a rhythm – I do love to dance, but I have my own beat – I loathed the metronome when taking piano lessons, also! I have a hard time with yoga, tho, since shutting down my mind is something I have a really difficult time doing – I’m a constant multi-tasker, which is not always a good thing…

    • Lisa – yes to color!!! I agree.

      The slowing my mind down is a big challenge for me in yoga, too. I know that it helped me endure some silly romance related worries years ago, and helped me keep my sh*z in perspective. Now, I figure perspective is still valuable, even if I have a more stable romance. 🙂

  5. Sue T

    LOVE that shirt on you Jill! Hope you bought it! You look GREAT and I really enjoying reading your blog every day! :):) My sister just won a trip to Italy (Introdacqua?) and is busy planning…..I told her I have a friend living in Italy, but wasn’t sure about proximity of Catania to Introdacqua?????????????? Hope you’re doing well……I think of you often…..Take Care!!!! Sue 🙂

    • Sue! So nice to hear from you. I love your fb updates on what is cooking and all your family love. Glad you like the blog. It will be a while til I see you in Mexico again, so thank goodness for digital communication.

      I bought the shirt and plan to wear it soon. ;p

    • Oh yea, Sue, it is 10 hours to drive from Introdacqua to Acireale, Catania (Acireale is where our house is); and, there are tolls and a ferry involved. 😉

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