1 (uno). Arriving at Ikea for our ultimate shopping trip (this round) – and seeing the parking lot gloriously empty! All right, there were already about 100 cars there at 10:37am. They open at 10am. It was refreshing and so much more fun to shop without the crazy crowds. I am unsure why it is so crazy crowded that we had to wait in line the other weekend, but it is relatively new to Catania and like everywhere else in the modern world, retail stores are busy on weekends.

2 (due). Having our sound system set up in the house and listening to music while putting together furniture and cleaning up.

3 (tre). Enjoying some of my favorite songs. I realized from yesterday’s lyrical post that I listen to some melancholy sh*t. I really do like sad, bittersweet and haunting melodies and lyrics. (see: “Yesterday” title of this post- referencing the famed Beatles song – so sad!)

4 (quattro). Scotch! Mmmm…my temporary alcohol hiatus is on hiatus and I imbibed me some yummy Macallan. Golden in hue and rich in flavor, it was delicious and well worth the wait.

5 (cinque). Blustery winds rushing up from the sea to Mt. Etna and racing around on the way back down. Our house is caught in the middle and it produces really neat sounds as it whips through and around us.


The Beatles inspired the modern-day boy band. I used to call them the original boy band, and if you cringed or even shouted at your computer when you read that, then you can probably guess why I used to say it to people – for the high level of outraged reactions it garnered. “Yesterday” was the song that won me over and warmed me to those crazy guys. I listened to that song for hours while studying in college. Today, the song is a reminder of why I started this blog – to focus on my tomorrows and stay positive.

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