Name that tune

Top five song lyrics I heard today:

1 (uno) “Amor, Amor, Italian words I don’t know” (trust me it was good in the car).

2 (due) “play me a sad song, cuz that’s what I wanna hear” (I feel that).

3 (tre) “now that you’re outta my life, it’s so much better” (sing it sista).

4 (quattro) bjork. I don’t remember the lyrics but I was just singing along like I knew them.

5 (cinque) “What’s bad? We’ll fix it what’s wrong? We’ll make it all right.”


Today was Columbus Day. Columbus being Italian and all, it was a national holiday. Oh wait, that’s right, it was a U.S. national holiday! Here in Sicily, I celebrated by going to Ikea and then assembling furniture all day. Mercifully Ikea was like a normal box store today – no waiting line. We also knew what we were after thanks to our reconnaissance. In-a-few-extra-looks, a-few-unplanned-purchases-and-out. Just what the business model that is thriving there prescribed. On the way home we stopped for yummy AutoGrill sandwiches. That’s when I started wondering what I could do with 5 kg of Nutella.


And, yes, those are regulation size bottles of wine.


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2 responses to “Name that tune

  1. My husband could probably eat that jar of Nutella in a week. With a spoon. He has a Nutella problem.

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