I am the perfect example of me. And so are you.


Uno (1). More Occupy Wall Street developments. I like this clip a lot.

Due (2). Organization! Hall closet shelving units from Conforama are assembled, erected and loaded with our belongings! (photos below)

Tre (3). Autumn! A cold front moved in last night and temperatures are in the 60s today.

Quattro (4). Snow! Or neve, in Italian (say it “nay-vay”). While Mt. Etna had a light dusting of snow the past couple of weeks, we woke up to full snow coverage this morning. (photos soon, cloud coverage is not cooperating currently)

Cinque (5). Getting to know our neighborhood. Walking and driving around, getting a little lost and finding our way home.

As a natural wanderlust, it is fitting that I am so pleased with our Italian adventure. Nevertheless I, too, enjoy living in familiar surroundings, with a routine, well-known neighbors and regular family gatherings. Additionally, I enjoy a quiet nature escape. Usually, I find such spots in a nearby park or overlook, or in the route of a favorite run. Here, I am lucky enough to relish nature’s beauty from my own home. I already value the emotional soothing that comes from gazing out at the sea and it’s many blues, and from tracking Mt. Etna’s change of seasons. Grazie, Sicilia.





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