Photo Edition!

Five photos from our shopping outing to Conforama, a furniture store similar to Ikea.

Uno (1)
Gorgeous microwave. So pretty, so random. Love it!


Due (2)
“Soccer” foosball table. Yes, it says “soccer” and not “calcio” (Italian word for soccer) – weird.


Tre (3)
Awesome discount movie selection. I love, love, love the Flashdance dvd jacket!


Quattro (4)
An entire row dedicated to espresso machines!


Cinque (5)
Lastly, a life-size doll for pre-teens. Creepy, creepy, creepy.


Shopping is the same everywhere. Here in Sicily, they even translate shopping as, wait for it, shopping. Today we dropped another tidy bundle of money at Conforama. During four grueling hours, we made it through the language barrier with good will (theirs), mangled Italian (ours), and a smidgen of help from the itranslate app. Have I mentioned I love my iphone? It is such fun to improve my Italian vocabulary via necessity and experience rather than a book and flashcards. For every second of frustration and anxiety over the language barrier, the thrills of comprehension and learning count for minutes.


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2 responses to “Shopping

  1. I always find it funny and interesting seeing random English words in foreign countries, like the soccer thing. I haven’t been to Italy much, but in German you’ll see random English phrases like in magazines and papers and I always think it’s so weird how that came to be. One of my mom’s German friends said she gets so annoyed by it because some magazines have so much English she wonders if they can speak German anymore!

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